Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Called a Fraud

This story has been floating around all week, and this article says it perfectly: mediums, as a general rule, are frauds, this nutjob included. I’m not sure why people continue to buy into mediums and psychics, when they have been proven again and again to be fake. I guess for some people, the desire to believe overpowers the facts of science. And I understand the desire to believe, that there is something bigger than us out there, and maybe there is. It’s just that we have no real proof that we have any idea of what that is just yet, or if it even exists at all. Which is the main reason why most reputable paranormal investigators don’t charge for their services. But even I will admit that some people, on some level, in very rare instances, may seem to occasionally and accidentally be able to tap into a sixth sense of some kind. That being said, nobody has these self-proclaimed superpowers. Nobody can predict the future with any measurable accuracy, reliability or certainty. Nobody can talk to ghosts yet. Not that we can prove scientifically, anyway. It’s funny to me that people don’t trust auto mechanics, but they pay psychics to tell them things they want to hear. Belief in something supernatural, in and of itself, is usually harmless. But when people use that belief to bilk grieving or gullible people out of their money, then it becomes con artistry. And if people are going to be dumb enough to give large sums of money to someone who claims to be psychic, I would just ask that they do so to someone who actually looks like they know when to say enough is enough to the makeup, gaudy jewelry, nail extensions and Aqua Net. Or maybe Theresa Caputo just specializes in talking to ghosts who can understand thick Long Island accents.

I think Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory said it best:

“I don’t mean to be rude or discourteous, but before we begin, I’d just like to say there’s absolutely no scientific evidence to support clairvoyance of any kind. Which means – and again, no insult intended – you’re a fraud, your profession is a swindle, and your livelihood is dependent on the gullibility of stupid people. But again, no offense.”

Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, has been called a fraud
I guess her psychic powers don’t extend to the point of telling her when she’s used enough hairspray…

It appears questions are beginning to be raised about the veracity of the clairvoyant claims of Theresa Caputo, the star of the TLC reality show Long Island Medium.

Radar Online reported last week, “exclusively,”that “many viewers, audience members and even a private investigator believe Caputo’s ‘gift’ is a “total hoax.’” Even some longtime fans of Caputo, the report says, are jumping ship.

There are, let’s be clear, some problems with the Radar Online story. That a reality show is staged or fake is not exactly shocking at this point, much less one about a person who claims the ability to communicate with the dead. That some people watching a reality show about an obvious charlatan don’t believe she’s on the level is not news at all- nor, for that matter, is it “exclusive.”

Furthermore, the “private investigator” quoted in the story is a guy, Ron Tebo of SciFake.com, who seems to make a full time job of calling Caputo a fraud and making silly, sound-effect-laden YouTube videos about it. And the headline “Theresa Caputo Subject Of Fraud Investigation,” is not in any way backed up by the story itself, unless we’re talking about the private investigator’s own “investigation.” The phrase “fraud investigation” tends to imply that a law enforcement entity is investigating Caputo with an eye towards bringing criminal charges, something which is not stated in the story.

But all that said… of course the Long Island Medium is a fraud! Because EVERY psychic and medium is a fraud. It’s not like there’s some fraternity of “legitimate” or “on the level” psychics, of whose standards Caputo falls short. There is not. It is a discipline and profession absolutely no different from con artistry. These people are liars and scammers, dedicated to taking advantage of vulnerable, grieving people.

Human beings do not possess the ability to speak to or communicate with the dead. They just don’t. Everyone claiming that they can is a grifter, fame-driven, or both. That people like Caputo and John Edward were able to parlay her particular grift into big-time fame just shows that they’re better at this particular hustle than most others. But it doesn’t mean they’re honest people. They are, obviously, not. And it doesn’t take an “exclusive” news story- most people have pretty much figured it out on their own.

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