Gremlins: More Than Just Cute and Scaly Critters

All this week, I’ve been celebrating a momentous occasion: this month marks the 50th anniversary since The Twilight Zone aired its last new episode (“The Bewitchin’ Pool” on June 19th 1964, for those keeping track at home). As a result of this festive (and honestly somewhat downtrodden) day, I decided to choose a Serling-friendly critter to spotlight […]

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Called a Fraud

This story has been floating around all week, and this article says it perfectly: mediums, as a general rule, are frauds, this nutjob included. I’m not sure why people continue to buy into mediums and psychics, when they have been proven again and again to be fake. I guess for some people, the desire to believe overpowers the facts of science. […]

Willow Creek found footage

Movie Review: Willow Creek

Willow Creek Written & Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait I generally shy away from reviewing works of fiction here on the blog, but I had to make an exception in this case, mainly due to the subject matter: a found footage Bigfoot film. One of my guilty pleasures is watching found footage horror movies. I loved […]

World’s Oldest Man, a Parapsychologist, Dies

I hope I can live to be as old as Alexander Imich. A touching story from the New York Times, this 111-year-old man had many facets to his long life, including his extreme interest in the paranormal. (You can check out his book, which he wrote in his 90s, here.) Alexander Imich, a Polish-born psychic researcher who […]

What’s Big Enough to Eat a 9-Foot Great White Shark?

Everyone has been abuzz the past few days regarding this story, which purports that a tagged great white shark was apparently eaten by something even bigger in the ocean. It’s a terrifying prospect, to be sure, thinking that the ocean’s top predator was gulped down by something even bigger. So what could it be? The theories […]

The Kongamato: Defiler of Boats

Among the cryptozoologist crowd, there are those who theorize not every dinosaur surrendered to that dastardly comet. One beloved anachronistic holdover from the original free-range Jurassic Park is a certain plesiosaur that frequents the Loch Ness region (or so they say). But just because Nessie is the most famous maybe-dino out there doesn’t mean she’s […]

Not all Paranormal Investigators are Created Equal: The Case Against John DeMaury

John DeMaury, the co-founder of the Butte Paranormal Investigative Team in Butte, Montana, has been popping up in our newsfeeds quite a bit today, and not for good reasons. Something about his name seemed familiar with me, so I went through the backlog of our stories, and found what I was looking for: Government Employee Punished […]