Priest, Zak Bagans Signs Deal for Movie on Demon House

As we reported last week, Ghost Adventures host and black t-shirt enthusiast Zak Bagans has purchased the so-called “demon house” in Gary, Indiana, where allegedly even a priest witnessed family members being possessed by demons. Why would a priest admit to witnessing something that strains credulity for even the most hardcore believers in the supernatural? Well, the picture has just become a little clearer. Or should I say, the Hollywood motion picture…

A priest who allegedly witnessed demonic activity in the house purchased by Zak Bagans has signed a movie deal
I wonder how much of the money he makes will go back to the church? You know, to perform all the exorcisms they usually do without any hesitation?

The Rev. Michael Maginot has signed a deal with Evergreen Media Holdings to bring “The exorcisms of Latoya Ammons” to the big screen.

Maginot, of St. Stephen, Martyr parish in Merrillville, declined to disclose the terms of his contract with Evergreen Executive Chairman Tony DeRosa-Grund, calling it a “standard deal.” DeRosa-Grund produced “The Conjuring,” grossing $318 million worldwide.

After The Star published an article about Ammons’ claims that she and her three children had been possessed by demons, the story received international attention. More than a dozen movie producers and countless TV shows have clamored for interviews.

Maginot, who performed a series of exorcisms on Ammons, said he signed a contract with DeRosa-Grund because he felt the producer wouldn’t sensationalize what happened.

“The story is good as it is,” Maginot said. “You don’t need to go crazy with it.”

Maginot said he also signed a contract with Zak Bagans, host and executive producer of “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel, to make a documentary.

Bagans purchased the Carolina Street home where Ammons and her mother Rosa Campbell say many of the strange things happened. In addition to an on-camera interview, Maginot agreed to go back into the home and participate in another investigation for Bagans’ piece.

Far be it from me to besmirch a priest, but this seems all just a tad convenient. And I’m always a bit suspicious when people try to make money off of these supposedly super-real events that allegedly happened so frequently but nobody had the foresight to, you know, try to video tape them or anything.

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