“Ghost Adventures” Host Zak Bagans Buys Alleged Demon House

The big news today is that Zak Bagans, host of the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures, has bought a home in Indiana that is supposedly inhabited by demons. Apparently, all sorts of paranormal happenings have occurred here, from footsteps to levitations and even a possessed child climbing the walls backwards. All sorts of people are claiming to have witnessed these events, or claim to be believers now, from police officers, child welfare agents, psychologists and even a Catholic priest. None of whom, of course, bothered to ever take out their cell phones and try to capture any of this activity on video. Because, you know, that would have been logical. But anyways, a nurse says she saw the boy climb the walls with her own eyes, so it must be 100%, unquestionable and indisputable proof of a demonic haunting. Just, it isn’t.

Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures buys an allegedly demonic haunted house in Gary, Indiana.
Mr. Bagans is reportedly very happy with his new home, where he can fake paranormal evidence and mispronounce words in his spare time.

The supposedly “demonic” house in Gary, Ind., that made headlines around the world when it went up for sale last week has already been purchased by none other than the host of the reality show “Ghost Adventures.”

Zak Bagans apparently wasn’t fazed by reports from terrified officials that an entire family who lived in the house was possessed by demons. In fact, the host of the Travel Channel show that tours haunted places with his crew, is used to confronting ghosts.

Bagans paid $35,000 for the one-story home that allegedly has a history of hauntings and ghost sightings. The eeriest report was from a family case manager and hospital nurse who claimed they saw a 9-year-old boy walking backward up a wall, according to The Indianapolis Star.

Latoya Ammons, her mother and her three children are at the center of the mystery. The family claimed that since they began renting the house in 2011, they had witnessed a host of eerie phenomena such as phantom footsteps and one of the girls levitating over her bed.

Many of the events were compiled by officials in a nearly 800-page document, which included interviews with police, child welfare agents, psychologists and even the Catholic priest who went to the home to perform a number of exorcisms to expel the demons.

Even police Capt. Charles Austin said he had been converted into “a believer” in ghosts and demons after visiting the family at the house.

But Bagans, a self-proclaimed “ghost hunter,” isn’t intimidated. He said he plans to conduct further research into the paranormal activity, telling the Star, “It’s not entertainment. I really do have a passion for this stuff and the research aspect.”

At the end of the day, these are ultimately just spooky ghost stories. There is no evidence to back up any of these claims. And because people like police officers, nurses and priests, who most people think are good witnesses, are not infallible. The desire to believe is very strong in some people, and that desire can make people think they are seeing all sorts of things, whether they are being hoaxed or just getting swept up in the hysteria of a family who truly believes they are being attacked. But I’m sure Mr. Bagans will flip this house into lots of profit many more episodes of his hit TV series.

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  1. so I’m guessing the author has never lived in an active house. My family moved into one on my 16th birthday, I moved out three months before my 18th birthday. things happened in that house that still give me a goosebumps 20 years later.I was a skeptic before we moved into that house

    1. What does living in an active house have to do with it? The point was that in this day and age, if something that dramatic was happening as often as they claimed, it would be easy to document it.

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