Leonardo DiCaprio Hears Ghostly Noises in His Mansion

Why do celebrities always seem to talk to British tabloid outlets about their alleged paranormal encounters? Anyways, this week’s celebrity to admit to hearing ghostly noises is Leonardo DiCaprio, who, unlike most of our past celebrity ghost-enthusiasts, is an actual celebrity. Though Leo admits that the noises are probably not ghosts…

Leonardo DiCaprio hears ghostly sounds in his home even though he doesn't believe in ghosts
BREAKING NEWS: Celebrity hears strange sounds in his home and looks for rational explanations!

LEONARDO DICAPRIO is considering selling up and fleeing his home as he suffers sleepless nights in the noisy property.

The Titanic actor is frequently awoken by eerie creaking sounds at his California mansion and has to get out of bed and check the windows and doors to reassure himself burglars are not on the premises.

He admits he has been left spooked by the ghost-like sounds and is now thinking about selling up and moving on.

In an interview on British TV news show Lorraine, DiCaprio says, “(I’ve been scared) in my own house. My home makes weird noises at times and I have to get up in the middle of the night and check if there’s somebody breaking in. It’s like creaking or something – these weird ghost noises, but I don’t believe in ghosts. It’s like the wind or the way it was built.”

Asked by interviewer Kate Garraway if he will move house to escape the problem, the actor answers, “That’s a possibility.”

Interesting to see someone hear strange sounds and not jump to the conclusion of “my house is haunted OMG!”

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