Pennsylvania House for Sale, Only Slightly Haunted

So this story has been making the rounds on the interwebs lately. Apparently there is a house for sale in Pennsylvania, and the current owner is describing it as “slightly haunted.” Footsteps, taps, and a “barely noticeable” scream occurring at 3:13am are just some of the types of paranormal activity in the home, according to the online listing. Though I feel that weekly disembodied screams at 3am should categorize this house as more than just “slightly” haunted.

If you’re looking to buy a house in the Pennsylvania area you could do worse than the lovely four bedroom Victorian for sale.

After all, it’s reasonably priced, is close to good schools and is by all accounts quite lovely.

That is, if you don’t mind the fact that the place is “slightly haunted” according to the owner.

In several online listings, owner Gregory Leeson includes the following description of his home mixed in amongst details such as hardwood floors and off-street parking:

Pennsylvania house for sale described as slightly haunted - footsteps, taps, and screams

That’s right, nothing much other than a terrifying ghost staring at you while you’re alone in the bathroom.

You’ve got to respect Leeson for his, uhh, transparency, in including the haunting details. Yahoo News put in a call to Leeson figure out what motivated him to disclose the information but we have not yet heard back from him.

Interestingly, another ghost is said to haunt the Dunmore area dating back to 1901, the same year this house was built. However, the two do not appear to be on the same street. But seriously, what is it with 1901 and Pennsylvania ghosts? Another haunted locale, Buck Hill Falls, featured in an episode of the now defunct MTV show “ Fear, opened that same year and was reportedly haunted for years by a suicide victim before the inn closed permanently in 1990.

People seem to be applauding the owner for his transparency in admitting to the haunting, but I can’t help wonder if he’s trying to use that as a selling point, as ghost hunting and the paranormal is at the height of its popularity right now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see ghost hunters scrambling to buy this property.

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