Reader Submission: UFO Video from Dulverton

So we were contacted the other day by Jacqueline Leighton-Boyce, a UFO witness from the U.K. who took some video of a UFO, which seems to be part of an apparent UFO flap over there. Jacki’s e-mail to us is below, as well as the story about her UFO video and the local flap. Thanks for sending this to us, Jacki!

Name: Jacki Leighton-Boyce
Story: Hi

On 23rd November at approx 4:30pm I noticed from my home a very large very bright object sitting low on the horizon above Dulverton where I live. I watched it for some time and then decided to film it from my garden. Unfortunately, by the time I had decided to film it, it was dark and so the size of the object is not apparant in my film. I called my mother who lived 1.5miles away to ask if she too could see this strange thing in the sky. She was amazed by it too and I then over the next few days heard several other people who also had wondered what on earth it was. The object eventually disappeared after about an hour. I uploaded the film onto facebook and a friend of mine, decided to enhance it and slow it down and put it onto Youtube with the title ‘UFO over Dulverton, Somerset?? The next day I found on the internet many other accounts of people seeing strange objects in the sky that day and previous days and there was this article in the North Devon Journal with an amazing pic taken over a wind farm:

Here is my film: (Preview)
Best regards

Jacki Leighton Boyce

UFO is filmed over DulvertonPEOPLE across North Devon have got in touch with the Journal to say they have spotted strange objects in the skies over the last week.

On Saturday, we published this strange photo captured by Journal photographer Rob Tibbles.

At the time, we contacted Chivenor’s 22 Squadron search and rescue crew who said they had not had any reported UFO sightings in the area on Saturday, but said they were on a training exercise in the morning so it may have been them.

Since posting the photo, many people have been in touch to say they have also spotted some strange things in North Devon’s skies.

Matt Naughton got in touch with the Journal and said: “Driving to Torrington on Thursday night I saw strange bright lights in the sky and the car had flashes of blue in it. Very creepy!”

Erica Whiteley also got in touch to say her husband had spotted something above Fullabrook. She said: “He spotted a strange bright object in the sky on Friday evening at about 5pm.

“Looking from Swimbridge across to Barnstaple in the direction of the wind turbines.

“He said it was unusually bright and of similar shape to that in your picture and he was joking around saying he had seen a UFO.

“When I saw your photo, I couldn’t believe it, I thought he was just over exaggerating.”

Jacqueline Leighton Boyce, from Dulverton, also got in touch to say she was astounded to see the Journal’s story on Saturday.

She said: “I too saw a strange very large bright thing in the sky on Saturday November 23 about dusk time.”

Jacqueline filmed the light, and her friend then slowed the video down to track the movement of the light.

It’s tough to really analyze the video, as it is with most UFOs filmed at night. Most video cameras don’t have the resolution to show the contrast between a bright light and the dark night sky, so everything inevitably becomes a bright white orb with no real discernible shape. Add a little normal human hand shakiness when holding the camera, and it’s hard to tell if the object is moving or if it’s just an illusion created by the camera motion. What do you think?

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