Ghost Hunters Caught Trespassing in Cemetery

After the past few weeks of people trying to blame paranormal investigating for why they got caught in illegal activities, it’s refreshing to see some ghost hunters getting in trouble for just plain old ghost hunting. A man and his two friends were busted by police for trespassing in a cemetery at night, and it seems like these guys really were just ghost hunting. No pot farms, no meth labs, and no shooting people in the back. Trespassing, though, is still against the law, no matter your reason.

A man and his friends are busted for trespassing in a cemetery while ghost huntingNEW BEDFORD — Gregory Gundberg said he and his pals weren’t up to any mischief when they staked out the Oak Grove Cemetery Saturday night.

They were ghost hunting, Gundberg said.

Gundberg, 43, said Tuesday their efforts were rewarded when he got a camera phone photo of what he said is “an evil ghost with red eyes” hiding behind a tombstone.

“I just caught it,” he said, pleased with his coup.

Police, however, were not so pleased with him and his friends Chris Houchman and Patrick Silva, all of New Bedford. A police officer spotted them about 8 p.m. Saturday and gave them the boot because no one is allowed in city cemeteries after dark, Detective Capt. Steven Vicente said.

Vicente said the trio were toting flashlights, recorders and cameras.

Those are the tools of their trade, said Gundberg, admitting they are on a tight budget and currently lack thermal imaging and infrared equipment to better photograph spirits.

But there’s more than good equipment to the task. Ghost hunting is hard work and requires lots of patience, Gundberg said.

He explained that he and his pals rely on guile and their natural instincts.

They strike up a conversation at a tombstone and ask how the person died and if the death was by natural causes to bring the spirits out.

“They’re there. You just have to be quick about it,” he said. “It’s a lot of work. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of patience.”

Gundberg said he and his buddies want to eventually establish a business as paranormal investigators, hiring themselves out to remove spirits from people’s homes. Currently they are spending their days researching ghost hunting and their future plans include investigating Lizzie Borden’s house in Fall River.

One thing a ghost hunter can’t be afraid of is ghosts, Gundberg said. “If you’re scared, you’re in the wrong business.”

It is a little disturbing to me that this guy, who is in his 40s, doesn’t know any better. I mean, if you’re going to trespass, at least don’t get caught. And the fact that he is trying to turn this into a business where he hires himself out to “remove” ghosts from people’s homes…that just doesn’t sit right with me. Sounds very “con artist-y” to me. Like, maybe get a real job, dude…

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