Psychic Predicts Her Own Death, But Had Inside Knowledge

I normally wouldn’t be so callous about the death of another human being, but reading this story just made me laugh. I wonder what mystical, supernatural abilities this psychic had that helped her predict her own death? Amazingly, I might know the answer. Her own medical records.

Psychic to Michael Jackson Jillian Lane predicted her own death
How could she have known? Unless she saw a doctor?

Jillian Lane, most famously the psychic to Michael Jackson, correctly predicted her own death. The Los Angeles area clairvoyant said that she would die of liver disease, her pal Dr. Suzanne Yessan said during her eulogy for Lane.

“It is tragic. Jillian had predicted her own passing and, on this occasion, I hoped her prediction was wrong,” Yessan said.

After Jacko’s passing in 2009, Lane finally opened up about their lengthy sessions:

“Michael was a very sensitive guy and would hate what was usually written about him, especially around the time of his trial for child abuse in 2005. The one thing he seemed to lack was the one thing money couldn’t buy – genuine friendship.”

Lane, 53, spent her final months in her place of birth, South Wales.

Why is this even news? I mean, it would be one thing if she was completely healthy and predicted some wacky, bizarre form of death and it actually came true. I predict I will die of old age. I’m psychic! Happy Friday, everyone…

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