Photo of the Week: Fort Knox, Maine

This week’s photo is from inside Fort Knox in Maine. Not to be confused with the more famous U.S. Army post of the same name in Kentucky (which is what people usually think of when someone says “It’s more secure than Fort Knox”), this Fort Knox was a Civil War fort built between 1844 and 1869.  It is located on the western bank of the Penobscot River in the town of Prospect, Maine, about 5 miles from the mouth of the river, and it was the first fort in Maine built of granite instead of wood. The fort was named after the first U.S. Secretary of War, Henry Knox, who lived in Thomaston, Maine. It’s been hard for us to verify any ghost stories or any reports of paranormal activity at the fort before the current popularity of ghost hunting TV shows, and according to fort historians, only one soldier ever died at the fort. The SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters did an investigation there, and they claimed to find evidence of a haunting, but aside from looking very spooky, there is not much else to substantiate claims of the paranormal at Fort Knox. The fort does offer paranormal events and tours, if you want to go investigate for yourself, though.

Photo of the Week from Fort KNox in Maine, a Civil War installation featured on Ghost Hunters on SyFy

All photos in our Photo of the Week series are taken by New York Paranormal Society team member and The Occult Section contributor Laura Pennace, who is a New York City wedding photographer specializing in city hall and courthouse weddings, as well as engagement and proposal shoots. You can see more of Laura’s work at Pennace Photography (

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