Alicia Keys Says She Believes in Aliens and UFOs

I guess Alicia Keys didn’t like all the attention that Rihanna was getting because of her confession that she believes in UFOs. So now we can add yet another celebrity to the ever-growing list of celebs who say they believe in UFOs (or other paranormal phenomena).

Alicia Keys says she believes in aliens and UFOs
Yeah…I’m guessing the aliens would want to probe her…

Another superstar celebrity has chimed in on the topics of ETs and UFOs. This time it is fourteen-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys. This is what she had to say in an interview this week with BuzzFeed:

Do you believe that aliens exist?

AK: Yeah, I do [laughs].

Do you think they’ll visit earth?

AK: I think they’re here now [laughing].

Living among us?

AK: Yeah!

You ever meet anyone you think is an alien?

AK: Yeah, I’ve met some serious aliens in my life, for sure [laughs]. I’m sure you’ve seen a UFO. Haven’t all of us seen something flying in the sky, and it’s at some random time of night that doesn’t make sense, and it’s not the shape of a plane?

If an alien wanted to take you to space, would you go?

AK: I don’t know if I’d go with an alien to space. I would have to feel the alien’s vibe. I’m a vibe person. If it was ET, I may go [laughs].

He seemed pretty legit.

AK: Exactly. It had to be the right vibe. If it was one of those crazy, nutso dudes my brother watches — he always wants me to watch these movies with him and I’m like,No! — I wouldn’t go with that one.

You could sing for them.

AK: Yeah, we’d just go vibe out. K3yz, the name of my ship. Now if that’s not a damn good story, I don’t know what you’ve got.

I’m not sure this is a “real” confession here, as it sounds kind of like she’s being facetious and playful with the interviewer. It almost seems as though the interviewer just lobbed her a question from left field, and she just delat with it in the best way possible. Either way, it’s cool to see more and more celebrities discussing the paranormal.

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