Chupacabra Sighted in Mississippi

The power of suggestion is very strong, especially in the paranormal field. If someone were to go on the news and claim they had an unusual encounter at a local McDonald’s, I guarantee you that within days local paranormal groups would be clamoring to investigate. Clamoring. Plus, all sorts of stories about the “haunted history” of […]

Psychic Predicts Her Own Death, But Had Inside Knowledge

I normally wouldn’t be so callous about the death of another human being, but reading this story just made me laugh. I wonder what mystical, supernatural abilities this psychic had that helped her predict her own death? Amazingly, I might know the answer. Her own medical records. Jillian Lane, most famously the psychic to Michael Jackson, […]

Loch Ness Monster Hunter Admits to Hoaxing Photo

Back in August, I did a story about a tour guide (and self-proclaimed Loch Ness Monster hunter) for a Loch Ness Monster cruise who captured a picture of the alleged beast. At the time, I voiced my suspicions about this very serendipitous find. Now it turns out that the photographer is admitting that it was […]

Government Employee Punished for Hiring Ghost Hunters

Given the sheer number of ghost hunting groups out there today, I’m honestly surprised that we don’t see stories like this a lot more often. Apparently, a government employee got into some trouble for hiring ghost hunters to investigate a health department building. While it’s always important to get permission for investigating a location, it’s […]

Scientist Says Yeti DNA is from Ancient Polar Bear

Over the past few years, I’ve lobbed a lot of criticism to the Squatchers over on the Finding Bigfoot television show, mainly for attributing every downed tree, weird howl and snapped twig to Sasquatch. I understand that if these creatures exist, then they would probably pull down an occasional tree, make an odd howl here […]

New Website Tells You If Someone Died In Your Home

What is the first thing ghost hunters usually ask when someone calls them about a potential haunting in their home? Usually it’s “Has anyone ever died there?” Most of the time, a homeowner will not know the history of the house, especially if it’s an older home. But now a South Carolina man has created […]

Science Teacher Finds 18-Foot Oarfish Off Catalina Island

The ocean really is the final frontier. We’ve been to the Moon (unless you’re a conspiracy theorist who thinks we haven’t been), but we’ve barely studied the oceans, mainly because of how vast and deep they are. People have been talking for centuries about sea serpents and giant squids, and it has just been recently […]

Monsters of New York: Mysterious Creatures in the Empire State

Monsters of New York by Bruce G. Hallenbeck When people think of New York, many iconic images come to mind: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, subways, Time Square, Broadway shows, crowds, and the general hustle and bustle of the business center of the world. But New York City is only a small part […]

Ghostly Face Captured in Window?

It’s October, and that means Halloween. And with Halloween comes a barrage of media stories that will try to really push anything paranormal, because, you know, this is the only time of year that the paranormal deserves any mainstream attention. Anyhoo, there’s this story of an alleged ghostly face of a little girl in a […]

Photo of the Week: Fort Knox, Maine

This week’s photo is from inside Fort Knox in Maine. Not to be confused with the more famous U.S. Army post of the same name in Kentucky (which is what people usually think of when someone says “It’s more secure than Fort Knox”), this Fort Knox was a Civil War fort built between 1844 and […]