Ghost Hunter Makes Unusual Discovery: A Rational Explanation

It’s a rare treat for us when we can report about a ghost hunter actually using science and a rational explanation to account for strange readings encountered during a paranormal investigation. The thing is, we don’t see stories like this too often, unfortunately. In a field that has become about territoriality, bragging rights, and just a few moments of fame and fortune, it’s good to know that there are still people out there who perhaps look for the most rational explanation first. This particular ghost hunter found some very high EMF readings in a park, and became concerned that the high levels could be dangerous for children and other park-goers.

Ghost hunter Stephen Morgans finds a rational explanation for high EMF readings
The new, sleek “K-II Meter Black.”

A dedicated ghost hunter has raised health concerns after recording ‘off the scale’ readings of electromagnetic energy at a public park situated opposite two cemeteries.

Stephen Morgans, 49, took up ghost hunting two years ago after the death of his father when he started experiencing unusual occurrences at his home in Mitcham.

He said: “Things started happened around the house.

“Doors were opening and shutting and I heard footsteps.

“I started buying videos and books because I was so interested in it.”

The father of three says he has seen several apparitions during his hunts from a white lady, ghostly monk and Victorian undertaker.

In his latest hunt, the father-of-three made a visit to Rowan Road Recreation Ground, Mitcham and was shocked with the readings from his electromagnetic field (EMF) reader.

Ghost hunters use EMF readers to monitor fluctuations in EMF fields which they believe can indicate a ghost’s presence.

Although Rowan Road Recreation Ground is opposite Streatham Cemetery and Rowan Road Jewish Cemetery the readings are so high Mr Morgans does not believe the cause is supernatural.

He said: “There was so much EMF I was getting a bit concerned because children play there.

He returned to the park to recheck his reading which were again unusually high.

He said: “The only thing I can think of is during World War Two maybe a few bombs were dropped or maybe there are cables running underneath causing the high EMF readings.”

Health concerns over high exposure to EMFs, such as mobile phone radiation and an increase risk of cancer, have been raised but never proven, according to the World Health Organisation.

Others have claimed to suffer with a hypersensitivity to EMFs causing aches and pains, headaches, depression, lethargy, sleeping disorders, but again there is little scientific evidence to support this theory.

It is true that electromagnetic hypersensitivity has never strongly been proven to exist, but it is an example of how a scientific explanation may be the root cause of paranormal activity. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity has been said to cause paranoia as well as visual and auditory hallucinations. So that feeling of being watched, the voice you heard, the apparition you saw, may have just been EM fields screwing with your brain. Or perhaps it really was a ghost. But from what science tells us, EM hypersensitivity is the more probable explanation in many cases. That’s not to say ghosts and other paranormal phenomena don’t exist. It’s just important for us all to rule out everything else before considering the supernatural explanation.

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