Ghost Hunters Lost in the Woods Turn Out to Be Meth Makers

It seems like the excuse du jour for criminals being caught in the act is to claim some sort of paranormal influence, or to say they are looking for something paranormal (like the Bigfoot hunter who may have been tending a marijuana farm). It turns out the latest group of criminals using the paranormal as an excuse for being where they’re not supposed to be is a group of guys who were in the woods at night making crystal meth.

Meth makers claim they are ghost hunters
See? There ARE scary monsters in the woods!

Who ya gonna call? Meth makers!

A trio of lost ghost hunters who said they trekked into a forest searching for paranormal activity were in fact cooking up crystal meth, police said.

Sonny Clay Hyatt, 39, called cops in Baton, N.C., on Monday night after getting lost in woods.

When officers found him by using the GPS coordinates on his cellphone, he claimed he’d ventured into the woodland with pals Thomas Glenn Imler, 38, and Eric John Schmidt, 31, after hearing tales of spooky spirits.

But he got separated from them and ended up lost.

Police, however, soon became suspicious about the real reason as to the group’s nocturnal adventure.

The Hickory Daily reports that they grilled Hyatt until he confessed that they’d been trying to cook up meth but got into an argument when it failed.

They then split up, and Hyatt subsequently got lost.

Deputies later searched his apartment and allegedly found a “one pot shake and bake” with meth-making ingredients.

The trio was arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine precursor chemicals.

They were scheduled to appear in court in Lenoir on Thursday.

I guess ghost hunting, Bigfoot hunting or UFO watching are all great reasons to be out in the woods late at night. But maybe don’t call the cops if you are, in actuality, cooking up some crystal meth.

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