Tragic Accident Blamed on Ghost Hunting

There have been lots of instances where amateur ghost hunters have gotten themselves into trouble, gotten shot at, or even gotten injured or killed, mainly because they were trespassing and being a bit reckless. When I first saw this story, I thought that’s what had happened again. But it tuns out the story is a bit misleading, and ghost hunting, this time, was not the cause of the tragedy.

Kara Conley is killed when she and friends go ghost hunting, but marijuana and alcohol are involvedA search for the supernatural sends ten people to the hospital and leaves one dead this week. According to the West Virginia Gazette, a pickup truck loaded with eleven people crashed on Wednesday killing a 17-year-old girl.

Early Wednesday morning, 18-year-old Issac Murphy packed ten of his friends into a Ford F-150 pickup truck to go on a ghost hunting adventure to find haunted chimneys in Clay County, West Virginia. While en-route to one of the alleged haunted locations, Murphy lost control of the vehicle, swerved and struck a guardrail sending the truck plummeting down into a stream bed.

Six people were crammed into the cab and five of them were riding in the bed of the truck when it crashed. The only female passenger was 17-year-old Kara Conley who was pinned between the pickup and bank of the creek. She died about an hour after the accident.

Nearby resident and Army Veteran Jeremy Mullins witnessed the crash and called 911 immediately then went to help. Mullins pulled the injured teens from the vehicle and onto his porch and treated their wounds until paramedics arrived.

Police officers found marijuana at the scene and also said that alcohol may have played a role in the deadly crash. Authorities are still waiting for a toxicology report to determine if any of the occupants were intoxicated. So far no charges have been filed against the driver.

Hmmm…marijuana, alcohol, and ghost hunting. Yeah, let’s run with the ghost hunting angle! Unfortunately, teenagers are teenagers, and they sometimes do not make the most responsible of decisions. The truth is, no matter where they were going, there probably would have been pot, alcohol, and too many of them piled into a car. A tragic event, and one that doesn’t need to be blamed on ghost hunting.

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  1. Who actually wrote this article? They would make a terrible reporter and a poor investigator. They were on the road with alcohol and marijuana in the auto. Even if they got to their destination, they would know what they were looking for.

  2. These kids weren’t hunting for ghosts………..they were looking for trouble right from the beginning. How can you even think this is’s normal stupid teenagers.

  3. @A Ritter That’s our issue , too. We’re not sure why the original author tried to tie this in to ghost hunting, when in reality is was just teens doing what teens have done for years: make poor decisions. Doesn’t matter what they were off to do, when drinking and rugs are involved, there’s always a good chance things will end badly.

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