Ghost Hunters in Texas Sued By Hotel for Money Owed

Here’s a question that is becoming more and more relevant in the paranormal community: should ghost hunting groups be treated like businesses? Some people would say yes, especially if they charge for their services or appearances. Some groups apply for non-profit or not-for-profit status, but most aren’t granted such status. So then what happens when […]

Roswell Witness Jesse Marcel Jr. Passes Away

In a story that didn’t get much (if any) mainstream coverage at all, it has been reported that Jesse Marcel Jr. passed away on August 24th at the age of 76. Jesse Marcel Jr. was of course the son of Major Jesse Marcel, the U.S. Air Force intelligence officer who was first on the scene […]

Near-Death Experiences Finally Explained?

I’ve always been a bit on the fence about near-death experiences (or NDEs as they are sometimes called). From a spiritual sense, it does seem plausible that someone, as they are dying, would see a white light representing heaven or whatever afterlife may exist. After coming back from the dead, the brain might remember such […]

New Photograph of the Loch Ness Monster May Just Be a Rogue Wave

It seems like cryptozoology is plagued by bad photographs, and even the term “Blobsquatch” was coined to describe those oh-so-fuzzy photos of an amorphous something in the woods that might be Bigfoot, or might just be a tree stump. And while there have actually been some interesting photos and video of Sasquatch, I really don’t […]

Ghost Hunter Allegedly Tried To Perform Exorcism With His Penis

We have to thank our good friend Karrie-Ann Versace of the SCARED crew for sending this story to us. She knows us all too well. Apparently a self-styled ghost hunter in China convinced a woman that her boss wasn’t falling in love with her because there were ghosts in her vagina. And, of course, only […]

Photo of the Week: One If By Land, Two If By Sea, New York, NY

This week’s photo is of the restaurant One If By Land, Two If By Sea, one of New York City’s most famous allegedly haunted places. Located in the West Village and originally built in 1767 as a carriage house, it was purchased by an aspiring politician named Aaron Burr in 1794. Burr would later become […]

Horned Sea Monster is Just a Shark Skeleton

A rotting carcass recently washed up on the shores of Spain, and people immediately started wondering what the creature was. It was even dubbed Spain’s Montauk monster, even though the creature in Montauk was a mammal and the horned sea monster in Spain was obviously a sea creature of some sort. But like the Montauk […]

Ghost Hunter Makes Unusual Discovery: A Rational Explanation

It’s a rare treat for us when we can report about a ghost hunter actually using science and a rational explanation to account for strange readings encountered during a paranormal investigation. The thing is, we don’t see stories like this too often, unfortunately. In a field that has become about territoriality, bragging rights, and just […]

Ghost Hunters Lost in the Woods Turn Out to Be Meth Makers

It seems like the excuse du jour for criminals being caught in the act is to claim some sort of paranormal influence, or to say they are looking for something paranormal (like the Bigfoot hunter who may have been tending a marijuana farm). It turns out the latest group of criminals using the paranormal as […]

Creationist Textbook Removes Loch Ness Monster Reference

I was reading the following story and trying to make sense of it, when my brain started to hurt. That’s when I realized that I was trying to use logic when dealing with Creationists. If you’re not aware, Creationists believe the Earth was created in 6 days (the seventh day was a day off for […]