Horror Movie “The Conjuring” Conjures Up Trespassers

We’ve done many residential investigations over the years, but we have rarely publicized them. And the times that we did, we have always changed the names and exact location in order to protect our clients from trespassers. Some of the residences we’ve done are already well-known, and they are used to the trespassers. Some clients think it’s fun, but most don’t want uninvited guests and would-be ghost hunters skulking around their property at night. And honestly, people who do this are basically asking for a shot gun blast to the face from protective homeowners. With the opening of the new horror movie “The Conjuring,” the current owners of the home featured in the film are dealing with trespassers interested in finding out more about the allegedly haunted home. And as with the Amityville Horror (also popularized by the involvement of frauds demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren), the current owners say there is nothing paranormal going on.

The house in The Conjuring is attracting trespassers who are harassing the homeowners
“Psst! It’s just a movie!”

HARRISVILLE, R.I. (MyFoxBoston.com) – A Rhode Island home which is the alleged site of the new horror flick “The Conjuring” is attracting curious moviegoers, and the homeowners want it to stop.

The film is based on the real investigations of two paranormal researchers at the Harrisville home.

The home’s owners say since the film was released last week, they’ve had problems with people trespassing on their property, looking for any signs of the haunting described in the movie.

The homeowners say they have lived in the 16th century home for 25 years and maintain the house is not haunted.

I don’t know what people visiting the home expect to find, especially from the outside. Are they peering into windows? Hoping to hear ghostly screams coming form in the house? No matter what they are doing, it is illegal, intrusive, rude, and just plain old stupid.

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