Chinese Woman Trapped in a Wall is Mistaken for a Ghost

The New York Daily News has been a treasure trove of good stories as of late. Well, ok, maybe just a “trove” of two stories. But at least this one didn’t make the front page. A woman in China walks down an alleyway with increasingly narrow walls, and gets stuck when she wedges herself between them. But wait, that’s not even the scary part. As the genius woman screamed for help, people passing by didn’t help her. Because they thought she was a ghost.

Yeah, this really happened. In one of the leading superpowers of the world.
Yeah, this really happened. In one of the leading superpowers of the world.

A Chinese woman got stuck in an alleyway and remained trapped for seven hours — because passersby thought she was a ghost.

The woman was trying to take a shortcut home in the eastern province of Anhui when the passageway became increasingly narrow.

Having gone too far to turn around, she soon became lodged between concrete and brick walls.

Panicking, she screamed for help — but residents thought she was a ghost, reports the Huffington Post.

The following morning a walker realized the shouts were not from the next world and called fire crews for help.

Firefighters chipped away at the wall for 20 minutes before dragging her out to safety, reports the Telegraph.

I can see one person, perhaps not the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree, believing that the screams were from a ghost. But it’s odd to me that a whole community ignored the yelling because they thought it was something paranormal.

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