Horror Movie “The Conjuring” Conjures Up Trespassers

We’ve done many residential investigations over the years, but we have rarely publicized them. And the times that we did, we have always changed the names and exact location in order to protect our clients from trespassers. Some of the residences we’ve done are already well-known, and they are used to the trespassers. Some clients […]

Students Hospitalized By Ghostly Mass Hysteria

Now this is a curious case. Mass hysteria is used as a sort of catch-all these days to explain away a lot of paranormal phenomena. It’s easy for skeptics to simply say that dozens of people spotting a UFO are suffering from mass hysteria, as it suits their agenda better than accepting the possibility that […]

Home Buyers Increasingly Concerned About Ghosts

Just a fun little story for a Monday. It seems that potential home buyers in the United Kingdom are becoming increasingly concerned about the homes being haunted by ghosts. They also have lots of questions about cows. Also, I know the British spelling of certain words is a bit different, but I’m not sure what […]

Mystery Poop Falls in Backyard in Canada

Anyone with even a passing interest in the unexplained or paranormal is aware of strange falls from the sky, the phenomenon where things fall from the sky that really shouldn’t. Charles Fort, the famous author and collector of odd stories (and where we get the term “Fortean” from) cataloged numerous stories of strange falls, including fish, […]

Demi Lovato: Ghost Hunter

I’ll admit it. I have no idea who Demi Lovato is. Apparently she’s on the X Factor, so she must have had a hit song once. Kinda like CeeLo Green, just not as troll-like. Anyways, she just posted a bunch of fascinating facts about herself that the public was dying to know, like which Disney […]

Haunted House Called “Hazardous” By Injured Girl’s Father

These days, it seems as though people can’t just accept things that happen for just being what they are: accidents. Someone is always to blame, and everyone is looking to make a quick buck off of things. In truth, sometimes shit just happens and it sucks. I broke my foot last summer after a nasty […]

Man Claims Alien Spaceships Abducted his Dog, Car and Tent

Ah, camping! The hallmark of an awesome summer vacation. Spending time in the great outdoors, pitching tents, making s’mores around a roaring campfire, and…watching a fleet of alien spaceships make off with your car and dog? So says a man in England. Keith Robins claims that when he was younger, he and some friends went on […]

Chinese Woman Trapped in a Wall is Mistaken for a Ghost

The New York Daily News has been a treasure trove of good stories as of late. Well, ok, maybe just a “trove” of two stories. But at least this one didn’t make the front page. A woman in China walks down an alleyway with increasingly narrow walls, and gets stuck when she wedges herself between […]

Will Bigfoot Call Device Lead to $10 Million Prize on Spike TV?

I remember at the height of the ghost hunting TV show phenomenon (Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Hunters Academy, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Ghost, blah blah blah) I lamented the dearth of shows on the air about Bigfoot. I may be regretting that now. We mentioned a few months ago about how Spike TV was […]

New York Knicks Alum Baron Davis Claims He Was Abducted By Aliens

I know lots of people move to New York City expecting high culture. And we do have it. Really. But you’d never know it from reading our newspapers. The New York Times is biased at best and fraudulent at worst, but they can’t even hold a candle to the New York Post and the New […]