Homeless Man Blames Zombies for Hotel Break-In

It’s Monday once again, and who doesn’t hate Mondays? Well, people who don’t work Mondays, I guess. But everyone loves zombies, don’t they? I mean, if you haven’t seen The Walking Dead, go watch it. Now. Well, after you read this story, anyways. We found this humorous little story about zombies and one man’s fight against them and the lack of cigarettes. Enjoy!

David Allen Jensen says he was chased by zombies and broke into the Hilton Hotel in St. Petersburg
I wish I had time to run his photo through my “Dead Me” app…

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Arrested for throwing a deadly missile into a building around 1:30 in the morning Wednesday, a homeless man told police he was simply trying to get away from zombies.

St. Petersburg Police say David Allen Jensen, 41, used a donut-shaped piece of concrete to break glass outside the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront hotel on First Street S.

He was trying to get inside, he told police, because zombies were chasing him.

Security officers say they saw Jensen pulling on the handles of car doors, too, but not to avoid the undead. He told police he was trying to steal tobacco from the cars.

A homeless man breaking into a hotel? At least he tried to come up with a creative explanation as far as why he was trying to get in. We really need to stop the homeless population from watching Zombie TV shows…

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