Man Claims to Find Fossilized Bigfoot Skull

Investigating the unexplained can be a tricky thing. One needs to have a passion for it, and be willing to work very diligently for very little (or no) payoff. It can be frustrating to be looking for something for so long, spending so much time and energy, and never finding anything. And quite frankly, it’s […]

Bigfoot Hunter Claims He Was Looking for Sasquatch, Not Marijuana

If teenagers planted marijuana plants in the woods, would Bigfoot hunters accidentally stumble upon them? Ok, so it’s not the greatest of philosophical questions, but it forms the crux of today’s story, as a supposed Bigfoot hunter is caught skulking around an alleged pot farm in the forest. So is he a Bigfoot hunter who […]

Ancient Egyptian Statue Appears To Move On Its Own in Manchester Museum

Unless you’ve been living in a cave (or an Egyptian tomb) for the past few days, you’ve undoubtedly seen this story. Apparently an ancient Egyptian statue in the Manchester Museum seems to be moving on its own. Very slowly. Some time lapse video shows the statue moving. But is this paranormal, or is there a […]

Woman Shoots Ghost Hunters with BB Gun

We’ve done stories before about residents with too many firearms much time on their hands, and how they will sometimes turn that against ghost hunters or kids just out to investigate a local urban legend. I’m not sure how teenagers taking picture of a public tunnel near this woman’s home is such a bother to […]

Factory Workers Claim Ghost is in their Toilet

As an employee of New York City and a member of a union, I will have to keep this in mind for future complaints. And here I was breaking my foot last summer and blaming it on the MTA and their new uneven staircases. I guess I should have blamed it on a ghost. Thousands […]

Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour Talks Ghosts and Hauntings

We love doing stories on celebrities here at The Occult Section. Whether it’s celebrity ghost stories or celebrities being abducted by UFOs, we always love when the rich and famous “come out” and admit to believing in all of the same crazy stuff that we do. This week’s honoree is the lead singer of the […]

Ghost Hunter Wins Powerball

While doing research for the blog, we came across this story, which at first presents itself as a feel-good tale of bouncing back from financial oblivion. But it piqued our interest for another reason as well: reading between the lines, it would almost seem as though this guy went broke because of his paranormal group. […]

UFO Above Medieval Castle in the Netherlands

We haven’t done a UFO story here at The Occult Section in quite some time, since most of the stories lately have been pretty lame. But this one was somewhat interesting to me, mainly because there aren’t a slew of people stating with absolute certainty that this is an alien spacecraft. What started out as […]

Suspected ‘Ghost Hunters’ Rob Bobby Mackey’s Music World

We give the paranormal community and ghost hunters in general a lot of ribbing here, usually good-natured, and more often than not, well-deserved, but I’m a bit perplexed by this story. Just because Bobby Mackey’s is supposed to be haunted, the two guys who recently robbed the club of thousands of dollars worth of liquor […]

Ghost of Michael Jackson Testifies at Trial

Sometimes, when looking for stories to blog about, we come across some funny articles. Most of the time, actually. But every now and then I come across something that convinces me that we as a species are doomed. With that being said, I present to you the testimony of Michael Jackson’s ghost that was allowed […]