Paranormal Make-Up? Kinda Sorta…

Illamasqua is a make-up company I’ve never heard of before tonight that has garnered enough attention with its new paranormal-inspired make-up line to pop up in my searches for bloggable stories. This make up works well for both the ghost hunter who needs a little injection of pizzazz in what is otherwise a dull life consisting of sitting in dark rooms in silence for hours on end, as well as the 90s raver who, with glow sticks in hand, is seriously going to own the place this weekend at Webster Hall.

I love the explanation:

Don't you know that's seven years of bad luck?
Don’t you know that’s seven years of bad luck?

Illamasqua is opening the doorway to a new dimension. Dare to come in? Go where you have never been before. Give in as beauty takes control.

It is time to awaken the aura you have repressed for so long, and explore a new universe of unexpected textures and formulas. Embrace the distorted reflection in a cracked mirror; the candle that suddenly extinguishes in a sealed room; a window has opened, allowing you to penetrate the fragile membrane of a twin existence, the paranormal world.

After all, why be normal, when you can be Paranormal?

Why by normal indeed? Only losers are normal.

So what makes this make up so special? Well…

Alone, each shade delivers bold, high-impact colour with a distinctive shimmer finish. But when worn under black UV light they take on a life of their own, omitting a standout glow that cannot be ignored.

It would be pretty tough to ignore someone whose face glows in the dark like New Years’ Eve in Times Square. But now that I’ve looked at everything, I WANT IT ALL! Ahhh. I’m so impressionable.

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