Haunted house used to train China’s SWAT teams

Ummm. So, yeah. I am not quite sure what to make of this story, except to say that I find that there are many, many other real-life dangers that should probably be addressed much more than this type of “danger.” China’s SWAT teams are brought to a “haunted house” as part of their training to become…the best of the best.

For China’s elite police cadets, it is the ultimate test of their psychological pluck.

What a SWAT trainee may look like.
What a SWAT trainee may look like.

Left alone in the dead of night in an abandoned driving school, the prospective SWAT teams are expected to show they can remain calm even in the face of the paranormal.

“After only three steps, my flashlight shone on a skeleton,” wrote a journalist from the Wuhan Evening News who was permitted to test run the new haunted house training centre.

“Suddenly the wind started howling and there was lightening. I saw another skeleton hanging in the middle of the pouring rain.

“On my left, the screams of a baby shocked me. Then I heard a woman weeping, and then giggling. When I turned, a female corpse with long hair and dressed in white was hanging from a tree”.

Xia Zhigang, a police instructor, said the new facility was intended to beef up “officers born in the 1980s and 1990s [under the one-child policy], single children who were spoiled by their families.”

“The house generates tension, fear, the inability to concentrate and improves psychological balance,” he explained.

“This house was going to be demolished but we thought even the directors of horror movies could not find such a perfect spot,” he added.

Recruits are allowed a one-minute study of the layout of the 27-room building before entering armed only with a flashlight. The goal is to battle past the “atmosphere of terror” into the control room and turn off the apparitions.

Yes folks, that’s right. This funhouse is used to “beef up” those who will be responsible for saving lives during critical crisis situations every day in China. Good luck with allllll that, China…

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