“Shooting Bigfoot” by Rick Dyer Fails to Impress

Rick Dyer just won’t go away. The Bigfoot hunter who claims to have found, shot and killed Bigfoot keeps tempting the media with alleged proof of Bigfoot, and consistently doesn’t deliver. He finally said his film, “Shooting Bigfoot,” would prove his claims once and for all. And now that the film has premiered, surprise surprise, it doesn’t prove anything at all. Except that Dyer is better at marketing himself than actually finding Bigfoot.

Rick Dyer premiered his film Shooting Bigfoot and failed to offer any proof of Sasquatch
New candidate for Biggest Douche in the Universe.

SAN ANTONIO -Earlier this year a professional Bigfoot tracker claimed he shot and killed a Bigfoot on the Northwest side of San Antonio.

Rick Dyer said he shot and killed the creature in a wooded area near Loop 1604 and Highway 151 in September 2012.

While Dyer wasn’t able to provide any proof to back up his claim, he told KSAT 12 the truth would come out when a documentary film was released this spring.

That movie, “Shooting Bigfoot,” premiered at documentary film festival in Canada this week.

In February, Dyer said the film would prove his claims and he would go down in history as the man who killed Bigfoot, but the film just leaves more unanswered questions.

The controversial Bigfoot hunter with a history of pulling off hoaxes in the past said the documentary team captured him shooting and killing the creature when it was lured into their campsite with a rack of ribs.

The incident is featured at the end of the documentary that followed Dyer and 3 other professional Bigfoot hunters on their quest to find the creature and prove its existence to the world.

While the film has had excellent reviews, it didn’t exactly prove Dyer’s claims.

The morning after the film premiered, Dyer shared his disappointment in a YouTube post.

“I was there, I know exactly what happened and I tried to spill that to everyone else,” Dyer said in the video. “I’m sorry that Bigfoot did not come out and do a song and dance for you, but Bigfoot did come out and you do see him.”

While the film reportedly does show glimpses of a creature, it ends without explaining what it was.

While some Bigfoot believers are still supporting Dyer, many others are claiming it was all a big hoax.

Dyer isn’t giving up. He still claims the body of the Bigfoot he shot is being housed somewhere in Las Vegas and he said it will be shown to the world in August.

So now he’s claiming that he’ll reveal the body in August. Keep dangling that carrot, Mr. Dyer. Some people may still believe you by then. But if you truly have a Bigfoot body, it will be just as profitable now as it will be in August. So why wait?

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