Paranormal Make-Up? Kinda Sorta…

Illamasqua is a make-up company I’ve never heard of before tonight that has garnered enough attention with its new paranormal-inspired make-up line to pop up in my searches for bloggable stories. This make up works well for both the ghost hunter who needs a little injection of pizzazz in what is otherwise a dull life […]

Man’s ‘Ghost Camera’ Films His Girlfriend and Son Having Sex

We here at The Occult Section love coming across stories like this one. You can’t make this stuff up, people. A man in Australia set up a hidden camera in his home, allegedly to film some paranormal activity that he suspected was going on. Instead, he filmed his girlfriend banging his 16-year old son. Very […]

Haunted house used to train China’s SWAT teams

Ummm. So, yeah. I am not quite sure what to make of this story, except to say that I find that there are many, many other real-life dangers that should probably be addressed much more than this type of “danger.” China’s SWAT teams are brought to a “haunted house” as part of their training to […]

You Won’t See This Story on an Commercial…

Imagine you’re digging into your family’s history and you find out a). not only are there some indications that you and your spouse may possibly be related, and b). the guy you both are related to is a respected local historical figure who is buried in a place within driving distance to your home. So, […]

The X-Files: 20 Years Later

Holy crap. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since “The X-Files” pilot episode aired. I watched the first episode when it premiered. I was 10 years old. And after that first episode, I subsequently taped every single episode, bought magazines, books, soundtracks…and can thank David Duchovny for pushing me right into puberty (even after […]

Miley Cyrus Stalked by Ghosts in London

Yes, it’s another addition to the list of celebrity ghost stories. Apparently Miley Cyrus had some paranormal activity in her London apartment during her 2009 tour. I’m terrible at research, so does anyone know if she had been smoking marijuana back then? Also, this is not the first time the Cyrus family has been linked to the […]

Retired Air Force Officer Says Newfoundland UFO Incident Was Real

I always find myself on the fence about retired military personnel who come out in their twilight years and make claims that UFOs are real and that the government has aliens or alien bodies. On the one hand, it makes sense. I mean, what do they have to lose? They can’t get fired. They aren’t […]

Giant Crystal Pyramids Discovered in the Bermuda Triangle?

A big story floating around the interwebs this week has been the alleged discovery of giant crystal pyramids beneath the Bermuda Triangle. Now, of course there’s no proof (yet), and there’s no real mainstream media coverage of this story (yet), and the articles out there all seem to be the same article, verbatim (see below). Most of […]

The Sledging Ghost

One of my favourite ghost stories relates to an enterprising Scot who immigrated across the pond to the US, finally ending up in Canada. Simon McTavish was a Highlander born around 1750. When he first arrived in the Americas, he spent several years living in New England, before ending his days in Montreal, Canada. In […]

Sylvia Browne fans lash out at ‘psychic’ over false Ohio abduction prediction

Isn’t it funny how psychics, and their defenders, always have excuses ready to go when the “psychic” turns out to be utterly wrong? Actually, it’s not funny, especially when people’s lives are at stake, or when families are grieving over loved ones. Here’s yet another example of how blowhard Sylvia Browne made a huge mistake in […]