Derek Acorah Attempts Contact with Michael Jackson

I’m not a big fan of psychics, and TV psychics in particular annoy me. I think it’s just too easy for these guys and gals to use their parlor tricks and have things edited to make them look accurate. Plus, I’m sure there’s hordes of producers feeding them information so that they appear “correct.” Derek Acorah is one of the most infamous offenders (perhaps beating only Chip Coffey), and it looks like he tried to contact Michael Jackson, but didn’t have enough time. Apparently, it takes a 2-hour TV special (with the appropriate check to go along with it, I’m sure) in order to hold a proper séance.

Derek Acorah has a séance in order to contact Michael Jackson.
“I’m getting a word…it starts with an ‘F’…and ends with a…’raud!’

The Doctor Who bookazine isn’t the only SFX special to hit the newsstands today. There’s also our spooky Paranormal special, about which you can learn more here.

In it we interview UK TV’s premier medium, Derek Acorah, about chasing, angry spirits and séances with Michael Jackson, and he had something important he wanted to get off his chest about the last matter:

SFX: You conducted a séance recently with Michael Jackson that proved controversial…

Derek Acorah: “It shouldn’t have been controversial! I answered the call of a person who wanted me to do it, and I was glad to do it because I thought the world of Michael Jackson. But I wasn’t given enough time. All I had was 26 minutes out of an hour. It’s just not known to conduct a séance in under two hours. You’ve got to personally encourage a person to come into the atmosphere and then, when they feel okay, they’ll start conversing. Maybe we didn’t give all of what he wanted to say about the world. That wasn’t my fault. That was Sky TV’s fault. I told them that it needed a two-hour special. But you know what? There’s something going off quite soon. It appears that I’ll be doing a proper séance to make contact for longer with Michael, with his family’s approval. And I can’t wait.”

SFX: Is this for Sky again?

DA: “No. I know that it’s going to be covered by TV, but it’s more likely to be a shared project between an English network and American one. Unfortunately that’s all I can say about it at the moment…”

I just think it’s funny that these people claim to have super powers, but these “powers” only work when they are on TV and getting royalty checks. Where were these guys before September 11th? Or the Boston marathon attacks? Until someone can come forward and predict something before it happens, I’ll never be convinced that these guys are anything but hoaxers preying on the vulnerable and weak-minded.

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