Photo of the Week: Massachusetts State House, Boston, MA

This week’s photo is not of an allegedly haunted location. This week, to show solidarity with the people of Boston, we are featuring a photo of the Boston State House. As a New Yorker and a Yankee fan, I give Boston a lot of ribbing. But in times like this, in the wake of the terrible bombings at the Boston Marathon on Patriot’s Day, and the ensuing manhunt that affected the entire city, petty sports rivalries take a break. And one of our writers, Laura Pennace, is a Massachusetts girl, so how could we not show our solidarity with her? Built in 1798, the “new” State House is located directly across from the Boston Common on the top of Beacon Hill. The land was once owned by the first elected governor of Massachusetts, John Hancock. Charles Bullfinch, the leading architect of the day, designed the building, which today is known for its distinctive golden dome. The dome was originally made out of wood shingles, but is now sheathed in copper and covered by 23 karat gold, which was added to prevent leaks into the State House.

Massachusetts State House in Boston, MA

All photos in our Photo of the Week series are taken by New York Paranormal Society team member Laura Pennace, who is a New York City wedding photographer specializing in city hall and courthouse weddings, as well as engagement and proposal shoots. You can see more of Laura’s work at Pennace Photography (

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