Woman Says She Smelled God During Near-Death Experience

I had to think twice about posting this story, but then I remembered I’m already going to Hell, so, why the Hell not? I’m not a big believer in near-death experiences, as I think it’s much more likely that our brains are fooling us in trying to, you know, not die. But this woman claims to have been able to smell God. Ummm, okie dokie. Gotta love “Fox and Friends.”

Crystal McVea claims to have smelled God during a near-death experience
“Perfect teeth, nice smell, a class act all the way.”

A guest on Tuesday’s edition of “Fox and Friends” claims she smelled God during a recent near-death experience.

“I saw an immense brightness. A brightness I could feel, touch, taste, hear, smell that infused me.” Not like I had five senses but more like I had 500 senses,” Crystal McVea, author of a new e-book, “Waking Up in Heaven: A True Story of Brokenness, Heaven, and Life Again,” told Fox host Gretchen Carlson.

A recent university study found that people who recount their near-death experiences (NDE) have more vivid memories of the events, whether they be the imagined events that take place during the NDE or the real ones from earlier in life.

In 2009, McVea was being treated for pancreatitis. After having an adverse reaction to pain medication, her heart stopped for nine minutes before doctors were able to revive her.

“The moment I closed my eyes in that hospital room, I immediately opened them and was standing in heaven,” McVea said. “I fail to find human words to described what I experienced while I was standing there.”

As Raw Story points out, a number of studies conducted on surgery patients revealed a number of mental aberrations in about 11 percent of all surgeries, including so-called spiritual experiences. Interestingly, one of the studies found there was no correlation between the experiences and what kind of pain medication the individual was taking or what kind of procedure was being performed.

Nonetheless, McVea says the experience transformed her as a person. But not before she engaged in an intense spiritual negotiation as to whether she had to return to the earthly realm.

“All my life, I was a doubter,” she said. “To close my eyes, open them and be standing in front of the Creator of not only the universe, but of me, I never wanted to leave that.”

The rational explanation is almost always the correct one, and to me, NDEs have always just sounded like our neurons misfiring at the moment of death. I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong. But if God is so great, why only show Himself when we’re about to die? Why doesn’t everyone near death experience a near-death experience like this? Just things to ponder.

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