Katie Price Haunted by a Knight?

We love doing stories on celebrities and the paranormal here at The Occult Section. So who is this Katie Price person? I honestly had no idea, but apparently she’s like Paris Hilton or one of the Kardashians, just in England Which basically means she’s famous for being nude or overtly sexual or something, and the media pays her lots of attention for those contributions to society. But apparently she’s being haunted by a ghost in the home that she does not deserve.

Katie Price claims she is being haunted by the ghost of a knight
I hope he bleeds on her, or bites her legs off.

Katie Price has an unwelcome house guest – and it’s not her ex Leandro Penna!

Katie contacted a psychic after hearing weird noises in her home in Horsham, West Sussex – and has been told it’s haunted by a 16th-century knight.

A friend reveals: ‘For the last month or so Kate‘s been hearing strange noises, seeing lights going on and off and the TV change channel.

‘Everyone thinks she’s imagining it, so she phoned a psychic, who told her the house was built on a battle site from the time of Henry VIII.

‘The psychic claimed to have reached a knight who died in battle after having his heart broken by a local girl.

‘It’s spooking Kate.’

Katie, 34 – who married Kieran on the advice of a psychic – appeared on ITV2‘s Ghosthunting in 2010, with then hubby Alex.

Also that year, psychic Sally Morgan told her that her Brighton home was haunted by a woman in white.

Jordan said on her show What Katie Did Next: ‘I love that. Can she do tricks for me?’

Do psychics ever tell people that they are not being haunted by someone or something? I mean, come on. I would love to find a story where a psychic find’s nothing, or gives a person some really bad news. Or offer their “advice” for free.

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