Cosplaying to Celebrate Paranormal Themed Events

Aliens, witch hauntings, mythological creatures, whatever the reason for gathering, one thing is for sure, the paranormal give us an excuse to dress up and celebrate the paranormal mysteries in life. There are a many groups and organizations that host gatherings for these creatures or events annually. Whether these creatures exist or not, time has shown their possible presence inspires people to put on their costumes on for occasions other than Halloween. Here are a few of the most popular in the world today.

Roswell, New Mexico, celebrates the famous UFO crash

Alien Landing at Roswell

To thousand, even millions, July of 1947 will forever live in infamy as the day an actual alien landing was covered up. Summertime in sunny New Mexico is enough of a reason to gather and socialize on its own but the historical controversy of the possible alien citing has caused many young people to adopt an alien theme to their summer fun. Every first weekend of July the people of Roswell host UFO festival where people can come dressed in their own imagination of what our possible neighbors form above might look like. There are a couple ways to approach this in your costume. You can go with the classic green, round, extended shape head. You can try themes from famous movies depending on the effect you’re going for. For scary I recommend the original Alien look with and extended head. A professional walker’s helmet is actually a really great way to pull this off naturally if you paint it black. Other ideas include the soldier alien looks from Independence Day, the vicious but comical look from Mars Attacks, or the timeless E.T. It’s important to dress in the alien that fits your personality. Wearing regular human clothes with an alien face seems to be gaining more and more popularity as people like to give the impression they are “in disguise”.

Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, chases a biker. Or is it a costume?


Everyone who has ever walked into the woods knows somebody who has claimed to see a Sasquatch or the famous “Bigfoot”. This larger-than-life creature has been claimed be spotted most abundantly in the Pacific Northwest started out mostly being cosplayed as a giant, black-furred, mountain man. Since then different versions of Bigfoot have been portrayed, most notably the Sasquatch in Jack’s Links commercials. The good thing about this creature is that our culture has taken to naming events after it such as fitness runs in the mountains, motocross races, and other outdoor fitness competitions. All of these events are appropriate for “Bigfoot” attire; the key with these costumes is to not look too much like Chewbacca and not too much like a basic Gorilla. It definitely helps to be tall but I have personally seen shorter men pull it off. The key is the fur; don’t worry too much about a mask. Some face paint or even mud along with patches of fur on the body can be enough strut your inner mountain woods monster.

The Loch Ness monster costume


The famous Loch Ness monster has spawned many toys, T-shirts, a few cartoon characters based on the beast, but most of all it plays a huge role in the spirit of Scotland’s annual Roch Ness Festival. Taking place in late June, every year music fans gather around the famous lake and go nuts for a day. Some people like to penetrate the crowd easier by getting a few friends together and putting on a multi-person costume of Nessie. Given the fact that Nessie is said to have enormous size in addition to a neck longer than a giraffe it can be hard to pull off this costume alone. Still, the music festival is known as “its own monster” by the locals because you never know what’s going to happen.

Marie Sumner never grew out of playing dress-up. She writes to share her passion and offer advice to others regarding kids costumes, anime conventions, renaissance fairs, paranormal citing celebrations and other fun dress-up events.

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