A Haunted Car Wash?

I suppose anywhere can be haunted, in theory. So why not a car wash? Why not, indeed. I found this story about an alleged haunted car wash in England. I know car washes are notorious for their unfortunate history of gruesome employee deaths. Or am I thinking of something else?

A car wash in England is allegedly haunted.
“Would you like fresh pine, fire & brimstone, or cigarette smoke?”

A columnist writing for the Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette in England said he was asking for ghost stories from his readers when one in particular stood out. The story came in from a former carwash worker in England who said he, along with his former co-workers, believed the carwash to be haunted.

Reader Jimmy Swift told Mike Hallowell about the room where the containers of wax were stored.

“I walked into the room as normal, and went to get the first of the containers,” Swift said. “Just as I was about to pick it up I suddenly felt very strange, as if I was being watched. …I looked around but there was definitely no one else in there, so I just left. The next morning I went into the room again, and straight away I got the same feeling, as if someone was staring at me. This time I mentioned it to another lad who worked there, and he said, ‘Why do you think the new person always gets that job? No one else will go in there – it’s haunted.’

Swift said soon after that he told his boss he was quitting. Upon quitting, his boss said he once found a dead dog in that same storage room.

Hallowell said he tried to contact the carwash, but it has since been closed down.

Perhaps, that’s a good thing …

As a rationally-thinking person (in the paranormal field? I know, crazy, right?) I’m more inclined to think that the employees are sensitive the machinery in said car wash and having paranormal experiences because of the electro-magnetic fields that the machines can put off. One of the prevailing theories these days is that all of the electro-magnetic energy around us is affecting our brains and causing us to hallucinate, and thus, see and hear ghosts, or feel like we are being watched. It’s not proven, but it’s more plausible to me than the car wash being haunted.

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