UFO File is the Most Popular in the FBI Vault

Way back in 2011, we blogged about the FBI releasing The Vault, an online repository of FBI documents that were made public due to the Freedom of Information Act. Among those files were UFO reports, and one of those reports is now, unsurprisingly, the most popular in The Vault’s database. The FBI says its most viewed public […]

Paranormal TV Show “Most Haunted” Deemed Too Scary for Kids

Ok, so the jokes for this one basically write themselves. A broadcast watchdog group in England found that the paranormal investigating show Most Haunted violated its standards for what children can see (hey, what about us adults?) when the “psychic” on the show pretended to be was possessed by a child. I had no idea that the granddaddy of all […]

Monsters And Mysteries In America Premieres March 24th

Not sure how I missed this announcement, so I’m glad I’ve been able to watch a bit more TV lately (well, more than the regular none) and was able to catch the commercial and subsequently program my DVR. I’m not a big fan of most of the current paranormal shows, as they basically all feature […]

“Haunted” Car Parts from Fatal Ryan Dunn Crash for Sale on Craigslist

We blogged a while back about Jackass star Ryan Dunn dying in a car crash and the alleged paranormal claims that resulted from it. Well, I came across this story today claiming that a person is on Craigslist attempting to sell “haunted” parts from Dunn’s car. It’s good to see that some people on Craigslist are staying classy and […]

Bigfoot Believer Keeps Hairs and Skin of Alleged Sasquatch

So many interesting anecdotes about Bigfoot, and so little actual proof. I came across this story of a woman who has been holding on to some biological material (hairs and skin, mostly) from what she claims is a sasquatch. Her story, while extremely interesting, doesn’t bring us any closer to determining if Bigfoot exists, unfortunately. SUTHERLIN, Ore. […]

Shoppers Claim Kohls Parking Lot is Haunted

We love finding patterns here at The Occult Section. We did a story not too long ago about a haunted car wash, and now there’s this story about a haunted Kohl’s parking lot. Well, perhaps the only link here is cars, but I still think it’s funny whenever people immediately jump to the haunted explanation. […]

My Haunted Hometown

The mention of ghosts and Scotland probably makes most people think of Edinburgh or mist cloaked castles in the Highlands. To give them their due, those kinds of places do have incredible hauntings, but they tend to eclipse other places in Scotland. Glasgow, my hometown, is a good case in point. It boasts a variety […]

Dustin Pedroia Wants to Find Bigfoot

As a New Yorker, I often make fun of the Boston Red Sox. I mean, how could I not? They’re making the Mets look respectable these days. But I digress, and this post is not about offending Red Sox fans. If I wanted to do that, I could just talk about how Kevin Youklis is […]

Steven Spielberg Tells Larry King He Supports UFO Disclosure

We did a story recently regarding James Fox and his offer of $100,000 for proof of the existence of UFOs. I came across this story (which also ties into our story about celebrities who believe in UFOs) about Mr. Fox making a letter he received from Steven Spielberg public. Two things I must address: One, how […]

Celebrities Who Believe in UFOs

Piggybacking on our story from the other day about the Russell Crowe UFO, I decided to post this story about other celebrities who famously believe in UFOs. Tom Cruise is a wackjob (please don’t sue me!!), but I’ve always felt that the Jackie Gleason story was interesting, even if it is probably just an urban […]