Minnesota Iceman Sold on eBay

We’ve done a number of stories recently about paranormal things being sold on eBay (this house as well as this Florida inn), and we’ve even done a story about a Bigfoot replica on eBay. Well it seems that a very famous piece of Bigfoot folklore has been sold on eBay, for $20,000: The Minnesota Iceman.

The Minnesota Iceman in repose, done three ways.
The Minnesota Iceman in repose, done three ways.

The listing reads:

This is the actual sideshow gaff billed as “The Minnesota Iceman” by Frank Hansen in the 1960’s. This is a one of a kind hoax that was fabricated by a mid-20th century showman. The Iceman was featured in an issue of Argosy Magazine (as you can see in the pictures) and spawned decades of debate as to its authenticity. For around 40 years the whereabouts of the Iceman were unknown to the cryptozoology community. The “creature”, while under ice, baffled the famed zoologist (and so-called father of cryptozoology) Bernard Heuvelmans who examined it in it’s heyday. Stories circulated as to the origin of the creature ranging from “a hunter shot it in the great northwoods”, to “it was killed during wartime in Southeast Asia”, and even that it was found floating in the ocean encased in it’s signature block of ice. It is thought that the “creature” was actually crafted by one of Disney’s early Imagineers. Regardless of who actually did create it, the quality is flawless, and it has stood up remarkably well to the rigors of time and repeated freezings. The chest freezer that it is housed in is unfortunately not operational at this time. It has been looked at by a licensed refrigeration contractor who determined that the compressor needs to be replaced. A new custom sheet of glass was added in September of 2012. The housing is extremely heavy, in upwards of 1000lbs, and is approxamately 4′ x 4′ x 8′. This listing includes the rolling freezer container, the creature, and the original signage. Buyer will need to either arrange to pick item up in Minnesota, or arrange for shipping. Follow this link to read the original Argosy Magazine article: http://www.bigfootencounters.com/articles/argosy2.htm Any questions, please feel free to email. Serious inquiries only. Thank You!

The Minnesota Iceman is one of those Sasquatch stories that has been pretty roundly debunked, yet still pervades the folklore. Too good to be true, yet too tantalizing to not want to believe, and so people will still try to give the story credence.

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  1. I actually remember paying 25 cents to see this thing at the Heart of Illinois fair. It looked dumb to me as a kid. It was nice in the hot summer to walk through a place that was refrigerated. But still, it was better than the woman who stuck her head thru the bottom of the pit and was billed as “The head of a beautiful woman and the body of a snake”
    Well, beautiful was pushing it, and the snake’s body kind of caved in at some places. It was funny to see. A friend of mine crawled under the enclosure and tickled her, making her jump. We all got kicked out of the fair for that, but it was fun.

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