King Richard III’s Skeleton, Lost for Centuries, Found After “Hunch”

This is a fascinating story that I frankly don’t know how to process. The location of the body of 32-year-old King Richard III, who died in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth Field, has been unknown for centuries. Fast forward to 2009, when Philippa Langley allegedly sensed the exact spot where his body was (underneath a parking lot) and funded an excavation. A body was discovered and just recently has been confirmed as that of the king. Is Philippa Langley psychic? Or is there something else afoot (and if so, what?)?

Face of King Richard III
A 3D reconstruction of King Richard III’s face

A WRITER told yesterday how her intuition led archaeologists to the lost remains of King Richard III.

Edinburgh-based Philippa Langley was researching a play on the king, known as Crookback because of his deformed spine, when she had a hunch she was standing on his grave.

She funded a dig of the site – a council car park in Leicester.

And DNA results have now confirmed a body found there was that of the 32-year-old king, who was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.

It matches the genetic make-up of two living descendants of Richard.

The skeleton also has a curved spine, confirming contemporary accounts.

Philippa, who is secretary of the Scottish branch of the Richard III Society, recalled the visit which prompted the dig yesterday, saying: “It was a hot summer and I had goosebumps so badly and I was freezing cold.

“I walked past a particular spot and absolutely knew I was walking on his grave.

“I am a rational human being but the feeling I got was the same feeling I have had before when a truth is given to me.”

What are your thoughts? While this entire story seems kind of unreal, it’s fascinating to me how it’s all played out.

One thought on “King Richard III’s Skeleton, Lost for Centuries, Found After “Hunch”

  1. Well, they knew he had been buried at Greyfriars from historical accounts. They determined from ancient maps that the foundations of Greyfriars were probably buried beneath that parking lot. So it’s not as though he could have been buried anywhere in England and she just stumbled upon that parking lot.

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