Haunted House Listed on eBay for Super Cheap

If you’re in the market for a haunted house but don’t have the cashola to invest in real estate, consider this fixer-upper in France. Its owner is selling it on eBay with a starting bid of 1 euro. Let’s see….how to put it in real estate terms. It’s cozy, charming, rustic, with a lot of old fashioned details, and is quiet and isolated from all the hustle and bustle of ever day life. The owner is motivated to sell!

In regular, non-real estate speak, it’s a dilapidated house where a murder supposedly took place 50 years ago whose owner seems to be eager to get the hell out.

A HOUSE which has been described by its owner as being haunted, has been listed on eBay for just 1 euro.

Haunted home for sale on ebay
A mime is a terrible thing to waste.

On the French version of eBay, Maud69620 – who listed the house – has stated the house is haunted by spirits after a murder allegedly took place there during the 1950s.

While the murder was never officially confirmed, as their bodies were never found, the former owners’ bodies were discovered to be buried in a nearby field.

Paranormal incidents have reportedly been witnessed in and around the house, including random knocks on windows, strange voices and murmurs, weird noises and moving objects.

The house is located in Arbresle, in the Rhône-Alpes region of France and is a 110sqm home on a 350sqm block of land.

While many have questioned the authenticity of the eBay auction, the owner has stated is it real and anyone who believes in the spirit world should contact her.

So how did the listing do? Either Maud69620 was able to close the deal quickly or removed the auction entirely, as there’s nothing on her eBay profile. Hmmm.

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