Minnesota Iceman Sold on eBay

We’ve done a number of stories recently about paranormal things being sold on eBay (this house as well as this Florida inn), and we’ve even done a story about a Bigfoot replica on eBay. Well it seems that a very famous piece of Bigfoot folklore has been sold on eBay, for $20,000: The Minnesota Iceman. […]

Filmmakers offer $100,000 for the best UFO evidence

I first came across this story the other day, on the Facebook page of our friend Courtney Mroch of Haunt Jaunts. As I said on her page…one of the greatest discoveries of all humankind would only be worth $100,000? I’d get more for it on eBay. The people behind a new UFO movie are searching […]

Haunted House Moves…Literally

To be honest, I’ve never really understood moving a house. It just seems odd to me, and even though I guess the experts know ways around this, it just seems like it would cause structural damage. And ultimately be more trouble than it’s worth. For the record, we’ve actually investigated a house that was supposedly […]

True Blood star Kristina Anapau Claims to Have Seen a Ghost

Yes, yet another celebrity is claiming to have seen a ghost. But like most paranormal experiences, I really feel like this one has a rational explanation, to anyone with half a brain, or anyone who engages in critical thinking of any kind. I’m not sure why this story insisted on italicizing all of the “I”s […]

Katy Perry Claims Ghosts are Haunting her Los Angeles Mansion

What to do with yet another story about a celebrity and the paranormal? Throw it on the pile, I suppose. Katy Perry is the latest celebrity to supposedly be haunted by ghosts. Then again, the story below outlining Ms. Perry’s paranormal activity is not really the high benchmark in journalism. I left in all the […]

Giant Ghost Claimed to be Captured in Google Earth Image

I’m pretty convinced I could put a photograph up of anything on our paranormal website, draw a red circle around some random spot in the photo, and people would swear to God that they could see all manner of things in the red circle. I actually don’t need to be convinced, because it happened to […]

The Shipwreck Cemetery

Sandwood Bay, and its famed sea stack Am Buachaille, is situated a few miles from Cape Wrath, Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands. To reach it, you have to walk four miles along a track from the Blairmore car park, the nearest you will get a car. Lying at the end of the path is one […]

Alien-like Creature Found in New Jersey (Not a Joke)

Ah, New Jersey. The nation’s perpetual punchline and punching bag. The Garden State (named for all of the factories and freeways, I guess) is in the news again, because of some vicious, alien-looking creature that was photographed there recently (the Snooki jokes are just way too easy here, so I will avoid them. Dammit!). Anyways, […]

Ryan Buell to Speak at Penn State

Normally we are pretty snarky and mean here, especially when it comes to anything that has to do with any of the ten bazillion paranormal reality TV shows out there right now. However when I bumbled across this story I knew there would be no place for snark (especially because of the whole, y’know, cancer […]

Woman Claims Ghost Steals Resume, Doesn’t Understand Concept of a Printer

There’s a lot going on here, so I’ll just cut to it. A woman in Georgia claims that a ghost stole her resume, which she valued at $5,000, a print out of her criminal history (which she valued much more conservatively, at $10), and a blouse (with no apparent value assigned to it, causing me […]