Transparent Alien Captured in Photo?

As a paranormal investigator, it’s always interesting for me to see, psychologically, how different investigators interpret their “evidence” based on their interests. Ufologists see strange lights and investigate them as alien spacecraft, whereas ghost hunters would consider them orbs. Strange sounds in the forest are interpreted as the voices of the dead, or as Bigfoot calls, depending on who is investigating. I came upon this story about a “transparent alien,” and that’s basically what sparked my little stream of consciousness above.

Transparent alien photographed in Taiwan
Those are some very big hands…

A UFO watchers group in Taiwan has been seeking image experts’ insights on what seems to be a photo of an “alien being” taken at a hiking site in Taitung County. The photo has been featured on local news, sparking a debate between skeptics and believers.

The Taiwan UFOlogy Society (TUFOS) released over the weekend a photo taken by a policeman at Jiaming Lake. The image was taken with an iPhone 4 at a hiking site with an altitude of 3,310m in Taiwan’s Taitung County. The image was supposed to be a landscape view of the hill. The policeman claimed he didn’t realize there was something unusual about his photo until he got the chance to look at it more closely.

The photo shows a human-like figure, seemingly walking uphill with hands hanging just below waist level. The unusual shape of the figure’s head brings to mind the silhouette of Princess Leia from the Star Wars saga. The odd shape of the creature’s hands is like the shadow of snorkeling fins or Spiderman’s open palms. The whole human-like image seems semi-transparent or transparent, with double lines shaping the image from neck to leg.

Speaking to Taipei Times, photo image processing expert Chien Jung-tai said the double lines in the shape captured could have resulted from a shaking motion or a digital leftover image. He was, however, curious about the overall digital composition of the image.

“(I)t does not appear to be an edited photo,” the Taipei Times reported Chien’s observation. But he hinted it could have been affected by a leftover image in the memory card of the camera. He said experts in optical imaging technology for flash memory devices should look into the image.

To me, it definitely looks like some sort of digital imaging artifact, or at worst, just outright trickery. Either that or it’s a 20-foot tall transparent alien being.

Transparent UFO alien being photo taken in Taiwan.

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