Woman Claims to Own Haunted Toaster – Video

So here is the now-infamous video from the “Today” show on NBC from 1984. I know a lot of paranormal fans out there are laughing at this now, but are we any better these days? People taking pictures of dust and claiming the orbs are ghosts, manipulating static with audio enhancement software to the point where it sorta kinda sounds like a voice, and the plethora of TV shows faking evidence for ratings still prove that we have a long way to go in the field of paranormal research.

A woman featured on TV claims she has a haunted toaster possessed by the devil in this viral YouTube video.

YouTube description:

“Originally run on the “Today” show, in May, 1984, this is my favorite thing ever shown on television. Enjoy. I send a shout-out to Richard Dominick, the interviewer (and producer from Jerry Springer) who made this astounding moment in TV history possible.”

This is quite funny, though.

Satan Lives in the Haunted Toaster of a woman on the Today Show NBC

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