NY Nets Player Claims to See UFO During Hurricane Sandy

As a native New Yorker, the last thing I was thinking about during the devastation of Hurricane Sandy (or Superstorm Sandy, as I guess it is now officially called) was paranormal phenomena that would occur during the storm. But that’s not stopping a player for the Brooklyn Nets from jumping to conclusions.

Deron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets claims to see a UFO during Hurricane Sandy
Duh-ron Williams

Did Hurricane Sandy pack a UFO in addition to damaging winds and torrential rains? Apparently, at least one New Yorker thinks so and he’s talking about his experience in a new interview.

Speaking to GQ magazine, Deron Williams said that he saw a UFO in Manhattan during Sandy just before the lights went out.

Can you imagine that? It must have been one freaky experience!

Here’s how Deron describes it:

“Well, I don’t know if you’d call this a “New York moment”, but I definitely saw something I’d never seen before. The night all the power went out, I was standing out on my balcony, looking outside the window. Out of nowhere, I saw this big green flash across the sky. It wasn’t lightning. It looked… It looked like a UFO.”

He continued to persist that it was a UFO he saw but if you really read his description and think about everything that went on in New York that night, you’ll probably have no trouble guessing that what Deron most likely saw was a transformer blowing or some other electrical thing.

It could have also been an aurora, though there’s no saying whether that type of phenomenon can be seen in NYC.

The article points out the obvious explanation, as there were tons of transformers blowing all throughout the city that night, and they do give off an eerie glow when they blow that doesn’t quite look like lightning. I’m not quite sure how a flash of light automatically becomes an alien spaceship, but then again, I don’t throw a ball through hoops for a living. I, like, went to college and stuff.

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