Spike TV offers $10 million for proof of Bigfoot

I guess we can throw Spike TV onto the pile of crappy TV network offering even crappier paranormal reality shows. The network plans to air a “reality” show (and I use the term “reality” very loosely) wherein a group of people try to find “irrefutable proof” of Bigfoot. If they do so? Yup. $10 million.

Spike TV 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty
Oh, yeah. I like this idea…

Spike TV is offering $10 million for proof that Bigfoot exists.

The network is announcing a new one-hour reality show, 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, featuring teams on a quest to find the legendary Sasquatch. The teams will include scientists, zoologists, seasoned trackers, and “actual Bigfoot hunters,” according to the network. The series will be shot in various locations around the country.

The prize, underwritten by Lloyds of London, is billed as the largest cash prize in TV history — if it’s actually awarded. The rules require the hunters to produce “irrefutable evidence” of the creature. Somehow we think that Spike is making a pretty safe bet.

The order comes a few months after Bigfoot hunters from Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot series (spoiler alert: the show has not found Bigfoot) got into a rather entertaining argument with TV critics over the legitimacy of their work.

There are way too many questions here, but chief among them should be who will determine the burden of proof? Honestly, I don’t think large groups of frustrated actors and production teams tramping through the woods is going to turn up evidence of anything. Except for the continuing decay of what little credibility paranormal investigating may have once had.

I have to thank my friend Melissa Hovey from The American Bigfoot Society for pointing out this story 🙂

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