Psychic Bigfoot Hunter Claims to See Sasquatch, Sketch Looks Human

I’m not sure why this Bigfoot sighting is getting attention over others, but it is. It’s a pretty silly story, involving a psychic medium from New Jersey who refuses to list her full name, so you know she’s totally credible. Honestly, I just thought the sketch was kind of funny.

sketch of a Bigfoot from Morehead, kentucky
I think I was briefly in a band with this guy back in high school…

MOREHEAD, Ky. – A woman who paid $75 to join other paranormal researchers on a late-night hike through the Daniel Boone National Forest said she got a glimpse of Bigfoot, a supposed larger-than-life creature whose existence has long been debated.

Teresa, who uses only her first name as do many Bigfoot believers for fear of ridicule, said her group had been walking along trails late Saturday night near Cave Run Lake when she heard grunting and growling.

Her group stumbled upon the creature, she said, as he was trying to kill a deer. He was interrupted by bright lights shining in his face. The rugged, hilly forest is located in eastern Kentucky.

“When the flashlight hit his eyes he immediately turned his head and moved his body and turned the opposite direction we were in,” Teresa said.

The eight-foot-tall creature quickly ran away, deep into the forest, Teresa said, saying she chased him.

“I wanted to talk to him,” she said. Teresa is an established spiritual medium and animal communicator from New Jersey, she said.

There were three search groups and, according to Teresa, hers was the only one that spotted the big, hairy, ape-like man.

Paranormal researcher Chad Morin paid $150 for a temporary special-use permit from the U.S. Forest Service to “attempt to locate the famed Bigfoot creature.”

“I think the permit pretty much speaks for itself,” Teresa said. “Why would you issue a permit if something doesn’t exist?”

A pre-search meeting was filled with persons who are interested in the subject. They were reluctant, however, to share their stories, especially with the press.

“I don’t talk a lot because I don’t want to be put on the sixth floor,” one man said, referring to the location of a mental health unit at a nearby hospital.

Researchers and investigators said they are planning another hunt next spring.

I’m a little suspicious of this Teresa person. First of all, she’s from New Jersey. Ok, I kid, I kid. But seriously. A spiritual medium and animal communicator? Shouldn’t she know exactly where to find Bigfoot and when to photograph him if she’s, you know, psychic? Second, her reasoning regarding the permit is spurious at best. Maybe the reason the issue $150 Bigfoot hunting permits is because they know that there are tons of knuckleheads out there who will pay for them?

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  1. Is there a reason why the news story that was copy/pasted does not include the original author’s name?

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