Robbie Williams wants to buy White Rock Island to view UFOs

We posted a few months back about singer Adele inviting fellow british pop star Robbie Williams to stay at her haunted house. Well now it seems that the paranormal enthusiast is looking to buy his own island…so that he can look for UFOs. Pop singer Robbie Williams is seeking to buy White Rock Island off the coast of California to serve […]

UFO Secrets To Be Revealed at National Atomic Testing Museum

This UFO conference looks interesting, and not because of the lofty promise that it makes that it will inevitably fall short on delivering. The participants are highly credible people from the U.S armed forces, and one of the highest authorities on UFOs in the U.K. In just a few weeks, some kind of UFO-related secrets […]

Photo of the Week: New York City

This week’s photo is a panorama of the city we live in and the city we love: New York City. This photo presents a slightly different view of the city, and not one that is seen very often. The landmarks and skyscrapersare not showcased, but it is very much New York City, and this view […]