Robbie Williams wants to buy White Rock Island to view UFOs

We posted a few months back about singer Adele inviting fellow british pop star Robbie Williams to stay at her haunted house. Well now it seems that the paranormal enthusiast is looking to buy his own island…so that he can look for UFOs.

Robbie Williams to buy White Rock Island to view UFOs
Robbie Williams: Singer, songwriter, UFO hunter.

Pop singer Robbie Williams is seeking to buy White Rock Island off the coast of California to serve as home base for viewing UFOs, says a report on Business Standard dated Monday, September 3.

According to the report, White Rock Island is currently owned by Hollywood director Michael Caffrey and has been used exclusively for film, including commercial and TV shoots.

Williams intends to create a luxury resort on the Island so he, his wife, Ayda, and their unborn child will not need to check in and out of hotels to investigate UFO sightings, eliminating the hassles of being recognized by eager fans.

According to UnrealityTV, Williams fell in love with the Island last year when he and Ayda visited it while UFO Hunting. The Island provides a clear view of the night sky without the distractions of lights, making it an ideal location for viewing UFOs.

Robbie Williams claims to have seen UFOs on three occasions, says a MailOnline Report . The first occurred when he was a young child in Britain, the second occurred in Los Angeles – a 22 mile boat ride from White Rock Island – and the third occurred shortly after he wrote a song about alien contact.

In the same 2008 report, Robbie Williams shared his intention to take up UFO Hunting and become a qualified Ufologist.

Robbie Williams is ready and willing to pay $659,000 for White Rock Island, a 1.3 acre Island that is reportedly the home of many exotic birds and crystal-clear skies, to create a private sanctuary where he and Ayda can view the night skies in peace.

Mr. Williams, those of us here at The Occult Section fully support your desire to purchase this island in order to hunt for UFOs. And we wouldn’t mind an invite to stay at your island once you have procured it. Hintedy-hint-hint.

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