Jason Hawes: Ghost boxes are “holding the field back,” but his new paranormal app will be bitchin’

Earth to Jason Hawes: you are not the be all end all of the following things:

– the paranormal
– paranormal television shows
– Syfy

In a recent interview, Jason Hawes gave a thinly veiled yet undeniably negative insight into his views on another Syfy show that, like Ghost Hunters, involves a team traveling to various haunted locations and investigating. And, like Ghost Hunters, airs its new episodes Wednesdays at 9 p.m. This particular show frequently uses the ghost box Jason is referring to (in case I’m not being clear enough, I’m referring to Haunted Collector, which just completed its second season). Methinks someone feels threatened…

But there’s also a lot of equipment out there that becomes rather laughable that I’ve seen that I guess other people have brought into this field where, you know, these boxes that are generating voices, well the voices are words that are actually put in or programmed into these devices. So, you know, there’s a lot of things out there that I think are holding the field back and there’s a lot of technology out there dealing with infrasound and stuff like that that we’re really trying to bring to the forefront. So I think you’ll be able to see a lot of newer stuff coming out from us and to other areas.

Conveniently, he presented a partial solution to all those “things out there” that are “holding the field back” – he is in the process of developing a smartphone app that will “be able to take any Android and iPhones and iPads and all that stuff and be able to work off of meters that are built into them.”

A screenshot from said app

“And all that stuff” indeed, Mr. Hawes. All that stuff indeed. Those fuzzy details aside, I think it’s kind of hilarious to criticize one piece of equipment while promoting another that you yourself are developing.

At any rate, Syfy ought to get its shows in line stat and attempt some semblance of a united front. That is, of course, assuming Syfy isn’t loving the drama it’s creating between cast members and fans.

I dare say one of the biggest things holding this field back – out of many, many things – is Jason Hawes himself.

(Sidenote: This article gets an honorable mention here for mixing Frank Zappa and John Zaffis and creating Frank Zaffis).

6 comments on “Jason Hawes: Ghost boxes are “holding the field back,” but his new paranormal app will be bitchin’

  1. I watch all or most all “ghost” shows and have watched both shows that you are referring to since the first episodes. Wow I never knew how many items are actually harboring a ghost until “Haunted Collector”. Just in case you didn’t recognize my sarcasm that was it! ha ha That show is a crock but it’s entertaining. When I die my son can sell my furniture in case my ghost gets trapped in my cedar chest! *rolling eyes so far back in my head that I can see the the Ghost Adventurer’s team on the travel channel!* lmao

  2. Pretty much any device that supposedly allows spirits to “speak” is laughable. Connect up a radio, and you hear voices? Duh, it’s a RADIO. Make it scan and you can have a matrixing party. And can someone PLEASE tell me how a spirit from the 1800s is supposed to *know* how to reach into a computer or a smart phone and manipulate the electrical 1s and 0s that make up bits and bytes of data to produce speech? Give be a break. Maybe if your ghost is a deceased IBM engineer. Come on, people! The vague pseudo-scientific explanations of how these gadgets are supposed to work are lame junk science. Until someone can explain in terms of hard physics how these things are alleged to work, and prove it through the scientific method, I won’t be investing any money in ANY of them.

  3. Jason Hawes sounds like he is referring to the Ovilus, which has programmed words in it. It’s not hard to figure out what he means. However he’s right, the Ovilus and Spirit Box (Ghost Box) are crap and they make a mockery of the paranormal field. Even if the Ghost Box or Spirit Box actually works there is too much of a chance for contamination via radio waves and thus you must throw it out. Real paranormal investigators don’t use this crap and run around hysterically like GAC; they are indeed holding back this field.

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