Jason Hawes hints Steve Gonsalves to replace Grant Wilson on “Ghost Hunters”

We don’t usually like blogging about Ghost Hunters here at The Occult Section, unless there’s big news or something ridiculous happening involving the show. Lucky for us, those two things usually happen at the same time. Last season the big buzz was about Grant Wilson leaving TAPS and Ghost Hunters. Now people are all a flutter talking about who will replace Grant (until he inevitably returns).

Jason Hawes and the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Ghost Hunters
Serious, scientific investigators. And Jason Hawes.

SyFy isn’t sharing any details about how they will fill Grant Wilson’s role on “Ghost Hunters” in season 9, but Jason Hawes may have dropped a hint in a tweet dated August 22.

Grant Wilson, co-founder and lead investigator of “Ghost Hunters”, SyFy’s hit paranormal reality show, left “Ghost Hunters” after 8 seasons last spring, leaving fans to wonder how this will affect the dynamics of the show.

Although no announcements have been made from either SyFy or Jason Hawes, Jason Hawes may have given a clue when he responded to an inquiry from a fan on Twitter.

When a fan tweeted Jason “Is it weird without your partner in crime?” Jason responded in a tweet with “No. We still talk all the time & Steve’s been with me longer then G.”

Whether Jason Hawes meant to imply that Steve Gonsalves would step up to fill Grant’s shoes is unclear, but many fans speculate that he will. But, that would meant breaking up the Steve and Tango team and changing the dynamics of the show even further.

Emma Riley Sutton shares, “I don’t know how they will replace Grant Wilson. If they bring in a new person, I hope they find someone with the same spirit as Grant. Without his enthusiasm for uncovering the truth, I don’t think ‘Ghost Hunters’ would be the same.”

Other fans theorize that SyFy will fill Grant Wilson’s role with guest appearances from high profile celebrities in an attempt to draw in more viewers. “Ghost Hunters” has entertained celebrity guests such as Meatloaf, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Colin Ferguson, CM Punk and Elijah Burke on a periodic basis in previous seasons.

Tune into the premiere of “Ghost Hunters” Season 9, on September 5 at 9/8c on the SyFy channel and find out for yourself how Grant Wilson’s departure will affect the show.

Once again, I find it laughable that people are more concerned about the dramatic dynamics of the show rather than, you know, actually finding paranormal evidence. Jason’s tweet says nothing, and yet the fans are analyzing and over-analyzing it for meaning. And I mean, I like Meatloaf. I love CM Punk and wrestling in general. But the celebrity guests just further cheapen what is already an eroded image of this show. Maybe Snooki should replace Grant? Or one of the Kardashians? Ah Ghost Hunters fans…

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