Update on the Baltic Sea UFO

Obviously, I’m a paranormal/supernatural/unexplained enthusiast. I love this crap, I really do. I mean I spend pretty much any free time I have working on this blog and actually investigating the paranormal. So while this story naturally intrigues me, the delays and excuses are starting to wear a little thin for me. We blogged about this story when it first came out, then again when there were some updates, and now there are even more updates, but still not much more info.

The Baltic Sea UFO may look more like the starship Enterprise than the Millennium Falcon
Two distinct sections? A rounded top sitting on top of a base? That’s not the Millennium Falcon, silly researchers. It’s the Enterprise!

The so-called Baltic Sea UFO is currently being investigated by divers and the data streaming back is very intriguing. What kind of information is being released?

An hour-long interview with team leader Peter Lindberg was published to the web on Thursday by DiscloseTV and it seems there are now many more questions than answers.

First of all, it turns out that some of the photographic equipment being used will render a high-quality 3D image. According to Lindberg, there were the usual technical problems collecting that data. But the final rendering difficulty is being compounded by the fact that virtually all of Scandinavia is on vacation during the month of August!

So, despite the fact that this story is huge all around the world, vacation time is much more precious. But, that’s to be expected. The sun doesn’t shine all year long in that area of the world. No final release date for the 3D image has been announced, but it should be well before Fall 2012.

Also, it seems the original descriptions of the anomaly are off. The object appears to have two distinct sections. A rounded top sits perched above a base sitting on the sea floor. This information doesn’t rule out the possibility the object was manufactured, but only closer inspection will reveal whether it is a geological formation or not.

Lindberg is also planning a third expedition, but that is planned for next Summer. The current window for exploration will stop at the end of September because of adverse weather conditions, making it much more difficult to dive and to see.

So, at this point, the Baltic Sea anomaly can still technically be described as a UFO, with many theorists speculating it is an airship, man-made or otherwise, which crash-landed at the bottom of the ocean.

Hopefully, when vacation time ends, there will be more information forthcoming.

Stay tuned.

For the entire interview, click here..

I find it hard to believe that that can’t find someone willing to help them out on this. Maybe from somewhere besides Scandanavia? And how is this still “technically” a UFO? I can get the unidentified part, and the object part, but there is no proof that this thing ever flew.

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