Photo of the Week: Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Eastern State Penitentiary is perhaps one of the most famous haunted locations in the country. The prison opened in 1829 and closed its doors as a prison in 1971. During that time, the prison was home to thousands of criminals, with the most notorious among them being bank robber Willie Sutton and the infamous gangster Al Capone. These days, the prison is best known for supposedly being haunted, a fact that has been popularized by TV shows such as MTV’s Fear, Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures. Every Halloween season, Eastern State Penitentiary runs its annual “Terror Behind the Walls” event, where patrons can take a tour of the “haunted prison.” The prison is also a popular, if not the most popular, place for paranormal investigators to investigate. Some skeptics claim that the paranormal activity and ghost stories reported at Eastern State Penitentiary are a result of the TV shows and haunted tours, but records show that inmates and prison officials were reporting supernatural phenomena since the 1940s.

eastern state penitentiary haunted ghost stories terror behind the walls

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