Bigfoot Replica for Sale on eBay

It seems like a lot of people are trying to cash in on Bigfoot lately (literally), so I wasn’t surprised to come across this article about a man selling a supposedly “accurate” Bigfoot statue. The eBay listing, of course, it pure gold.

In 1976, after years of study and research, a young man named Clifford LaBrecque undertook a challenge that stunned the Bigfoot world. Mr. LaBrecque built one of the best detailed “museum quality” models of Bigfoot. How he did it is a mystery that will probably never be known. One look and it shouts this is the “real thing”–eyes that follow you, and hands, fingers, and toes, are all in great detail. This fantastic piece of work has been stored for over 30 years. This is the first opportunity you have to own Bigfoot. It can be a tremendous attraction for showing this part of American folklore.

All inquiries about this piece should be directed to Clifford LaBrecque at 1-870-291-1863. THE ITEM LOCATION IS IN ARKANSAS TO BE PICKED UP THERE.

First of all, I think it’s a pretty bold claim to say that he “stunned the Bigfoot world.” It’s a replica, not a an actual stuffed Bigfoot. I also love the claim that “How he did it is a mystery that will probably never be known.” It’s a giant mannequin with fur. I don’t think there’s a huge mystery here.

It should be noted that Mr. LaBrecque claims that a Bigfoot attacked him while he was trying to shoot it. And his up-close and personal experience gave him insight into the details of what a Bigfoot actually looks like. That and hypnosis.

The Bigfoot replica is selling for $80,000, and is available for local pickup only. There are no bids on the stature as of yet.

Clifford LaBrecque Bigfoot statue replica

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