Photo of the Week: The Southern Mansion, Cape May, New Jersey

This week’s photo is of the Southern Mansion, in Cape May, New Jersey. Built in 1863 by Philadelphia industrialist George Allen, the house today is reported to be haunted by Allen’s last relative to live in the mansion, Ester Mercur. The house stood in disrepair until 1994, when the Bray/Wildes bought it and restored it to its current state. The apparition of Ester Mercur is still reportedly seen in the home, mainly in the kitchen area, and people report smelling her perfume and hearing her laughing. The mansion has of course been featured on a variety of paranormal television shows like Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted. This photo was taken by our own Laura Pennace of Pennace Photography back in 2010, when we went down to have our own guided tour of Cape May’s haunted hot spots by our resident expert on Cape May, Shannon Baker.

the southern mansion cape may new jersey haunted

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