Charlie Sheen Sees Ghosts

Ah, the tiger blood is still flowing. Joining a long list of celebrities (Sammy Hagar, Adele, Fran Drescher, Rihanna) to have paranormal experiences, Charlie Sheen is now claiming to see ghosts. And I’m sure it has nothing to do with all of the drugs, alcohol and psychotic breaks he’s had over the years.

charlie sheen ghosts
“I’m still alive, which is pretty cool.”

Actor Charlie Sheen has started to see the ghosts of dearly departed friends during visits to their grieving families.

The Wall Street star reveals he has had two eerie encounters that he cannot explain in recent months.

He tells Playboy magazine, “When my friend (writer) Zalman King died, I went to comfort his widow, Pat. We were making a toast and I saw Zalman, who’d been dead for four hours, dance through the background. It was a trip.

“Another dear friend of mine, Stephanie, her father died. I was at her house, and he walked past me on the stairwell one day… I know it was him.

“I just accept stuff like that and don’t try to figure it out. I saw these people.”

I like Charlie Sheen. He was good in “Two and a Half Men,” and pretty much anything else he’s ever done. Even “Anger Management” looks like it might be good. But the guy is just a tad off, so his testimony has to remain suspect. Plus there’s this awesome blog that he did with Mel Gibson. Or maybe it was just someone’s idea of a joke? A very funny joke…

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